*** NEW *** Haikelite SC26 XHP35 26650/26350 aka Fatty ***Update*** 2018-07-24

News 2018-07-24: SC26 also available at Fasttech! https://www.fasttech.com/search?haikelite%20sc26
News 2018-07-24: SC26 also available at Gearbest! https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_009428745115.html?wid=1433363
News 2018-06-29: SC26 available at Banggood! https://www.banggood.com/Haikelite-SC26-XHP35-HDHI-2050Lumens-Modes-Set-Brightness-Portable-EDC-LED-Flashlight-p-1317161.html?utm_source=bbs&utm_medium=BLF&utm_campaign=new&utm_content=chendongling&stayold=1&cur_warehouse=CN
News 2018-06-28: Sky Lumen Vinh is going to offer his version of the SC26, the SC26vn. https://skylumen.com/collections/v54-lights/products/haikelite-sc26vn-coming-soon
News 2018-06-27: Update on Haikelite website, official description of SC26 XHP35 and new pics added. http://haikelite.top/product/html/?15.html
News 2018-06-22: News from Haikelite.de regarding status of SC26. Thanks Markus! *** NEW *** Haikelite SC26 XHP35 26650/26350 aka Fatty ***Update*** 2018-07-24 - #67 by haikelite.de
News 2018-06-19: Size comparison pics added. Source: Haikelite SC26 erster Prototyp für 1x 26350/26650 | Taschenlampen Forum
News 2018-06-12: Poll added. Vote for your favourite SC26 colour! Haikelite SC26 Poll: What is your preferred colour?
News 2018-06-11: New pics added, expected arrival German dealer is third week of June! Source: https://haikelite.de/de/msitc-haikelite-sc26-xhp35-hd-2000-lumen-max.html
This thread is about the 26650/26350 Haikelite SC26 aka Fatty light with XHP35 emitter (upgraded from XPL). If possible please discuss only the light itself; minor off topics here and there I don’t see as a problem. For discussion regarding the closed group buy, its aftermath, and all related topics please visit: Haikelite SC26 *** CLOSED For U.S.A. and Canadian Customers only*** Haikelite cut me off at 100 units so GB is closed.
It is not certain whether this light will become available, but time will tell.

Manufacturer’s product page (old specs): http://haikelite.top/product/html/?15.html

Dale from Haikelite China posted that a group-buy for this light will be organised in the near future. Haikelite SC26 *** CLOSED For U.S.A. and Canadian Customers only*** Haikelite cut me off at 100 units so GB is closed. - #568 by HaikeLite_Official
Expected group buy price is $32.
Expected MSRP is $59 (Posted on Facebook Haikelite page by former US distributor).


HaikeLite SC26 Fatty
-Emitter: CREE XHP35 HD/HI
-Material: Aluminum Alloy
-Battery: 1x26350 / 2x26350 / 1x26650 (Not included)
-Max brightness: 2050Lumens
-Double AR-Coated glass lens
-Aluminium Alloy reflector

  • Thermal control protection > 55 C degree
    -Anti-reverse protection ; Anti-discharge protection

Size:85mmx35mm (26350 tube)
125mmx35mm (26650 tube)

By default Smooth Ramping UI: (from 2lms to 2050lms)
Turn the light on: Single Click the button

Ramping light level: press&hold button
Reverse ramping level: While ramping in one direction, release button briefly and press&hold again.
Instant turbo: Double click
Back to previous level: Double click again
Turn the light off: Single Click the button

8xClicks to enter Modes UI from Ramping UI
8xClicks to enter Ramping UI from Modes UI

Modes UI: (5 groups)
5xClicks to select 5 groups ; The light flashes once and turn it off to select Group 1 ; The light flashes 5 times to select Group 5.

1) Group: Low 150lms > 450 Lms> 1050 Lms
2) Group: 2lms(1ma)> 750lms> max 2050lms
3) Group: 2lms(1ma)> 150lms> 750lms>max 2050lms
4) Group: 2lms(1ma)> 20lms > 150lms > 750lms >1200lms >Max 2050lms
5) Group: 2lms(1ma)>max 2050lms >Strobe>SOS

Thermal Protection:
By default when the light is over 45 degree , the light will start to step down to 450lms

To enter thermal protection setting by 10xclicks:
The light flashes once and turn it off to select 45 degree step-down temperature
The light flashes twice and turn it off to select 55 degree step-down temperature
The light flashed 3 times and turn it off to select 65 degree step-down temperature

Power Indication (single cell)

  1. Blue + red
    a) >3.6V Blue light
    b) <3.6V Blue light flashes
    c) Below 3V Red light flashes

Digital switch lockout:
When the light in on, Double click followed by a long press to lockout the flashlight; Repeat to unlock.

(source: https://shopee.tw/【電筒發燒友】Haikelite+SC26%E7%84%A1%E6%A5%B5%E8%AA%BF%E5%85%89+XPL+HI+1200%E6%B5%81%E6%98%8E+26350/26650%E9%9B%99%E7%AD%92%E8%BA%AB%E6%89%8B%E9%9B%BB%E7%AD%92-i.6581960.1170957149)

Measurements and pics by member Pok:


semi SMO and OP reflector.



Stock SC01 is XHP35 Hi , I swapped to XHP35 HD

Keep us informed if there will be a new dealer to buy this.
Thanks for starting this thread.

How tall is the 26650 beauty?
I’m looking for a 26650 EDC, and am trying to decide between this one and the DQG Tiny III.
In the other thread it was reported to be 115 or 117mm, but when I followed the link to the manufacturer’s site, it states 125mm.

Assuming this version of the light uses the TA driver, can anyone comment on the efficiency compared to the above quote from the DQG Tiny III review?

Cheers FlashKat! :sunglasses:

If there is contradictory data, then I do not know. Perhaps member Pok can measure his SC26.
Also note the following regarding UI. If the UI is the same/similar as that of the MT09R, then my opinion is that ramping is clunky and not smooth. The fixed output modes have a low to high sequence with memory, so there is no instant access to low from off, unless you’ve switched the light off in low. So in order to go to low, you have to cycle all the way to high mode and back.
Please keep this in mind, but things could change in the final version.

No. Member Texas Ace confirmed that SC26 is not equipped with a TA driver. He was simply not asked to design this driver.

Could we ask him to build one? I know the SC26 group buy was a bust… but his driver in my MT09R is fantastic. I’d honestly prefer a host option that way I could put whatever I want in it.

You can always ask him. But I suspect the market would be much smaller.
The base price for the MT09R is $100+. So adding some cost for a TA driver and options is interesting. The base price for the SC26 is much lower; the group buy price for the new XHP35 variant is at this moment set at $32.
So if you add a TA driver plus options, then the total price will increase significantly more percentage wise.
Furthermore there are technical complications. The light requires a boost driver (unlike with the MT09R where a FET driver is used). I think TA is working on a boost driver design, but it’s not ready yet.
Basically, the type of driver that is required here is a bit outside TA’s comfort zone I think. Please correct me if I’m mistaken TA. There are options to go for an XP-L emitter with FET drive, but then it’s a bit of a downgrade from the XHP35 emitter.
So I personally think it’s less likely that this will happen, but of course the man himself Mr. TA should be asked for a definitive answer.
It certainly would be cool though. :sunglasses:

You are right, it will likely increase the price with 50% or more. It’s not just the driver but also shipping costs.
But even which such a price increase it’s not an absolute no for me.
Depending on the improvements in interface and efficiency I would be prepared to buy a TA driver, assuming it’s easy to swap.

I’d be willing to pay more for a quality driver and LED for sure. But I understand that it might not be possible at all if TA is still working on a boost driver.

Either way, I’ll probably buy 2. One just to have and the second to modify.

Or tell HaikeLite to forget the internals and just make us a host :slight_smile: (Granted we would absolutely need a viable way to construct them all).

I like the way it is, nice flashlight.

Thanks for starting this thread hikarinoob! I’m still looking forward to this light, and I have the trits and batteries to show for it. I wonder what the possibility is, of HL releasing a host version in the mean time while they are trying to get the specs worked out (since the rumor mill says that they are short on cash). If so, I would definitely be in for a couple depending on the price. Hopefully TA would be willing to design one for sale but if worse comes to worst I can use a 22mm TA/Narsil driver from lexel, and mate it with a washer of an appropriate size to fit the light.

Maybe TA could construct them as part of a group buy?
But if we go the host route, I may prefer the smaller DQG Tiny III as an host. I guess most people were in the GB because of the small size?

I think HL would do well to consider pivoting to supplying hosts as they lock down R&D and rebuild their reputation.

Cheers vinte77! :+1: :beer: If you’ve got the trits or a 26350 then you’ve got a good reason to stick around. I do think an XP-L is a good choice for this light. I think you have a bunch of drivers to choose from, and you’re not going to have over heating issues.
I mean, imagine something like a 4000K high CRI XP-L emitter on a Navy Blue SC26 packed with trits… That’s just classy and awesome! :sunglasses:

The leds I was considering for this light were either the Samsung LH351D 4000k 90cri w/sliced dome or the Luxeon MZ 5700k 90 CRI w/tir optic. I was planning on purple trits on a white/silver SC26.

ps. I have a handful of TIR optics that should fit the SC26 but I’ll probably have to tinker with them to fit.

Where did you see the 125mm number listed?

Can’t find it on the manufacturer’s site, so I was likely wrong about that. All Chinese sites I’ve found list 125mm. Perhaps they all copy and paste the same error….?

From the OP’s pics, the SC26 seems much larger than I imagined since the SC01 is a pretty big 26650 light. I was expecting DQG Tiny size but I guess the deep reflector for throw is he reason. I’m wondering why they don’t make it a smooth reflector to maximize the throw potential.

I would love to see a real TA driver in it too. I don’t think any BLF member has one yet though. While asking Lexel for some drivers last week, he said boost drivers are giving him a headache. I just hope the SC26 is not glued and easily modable since it is such a nice looking host.

it doesnt look that big too me compared to the sc01, and a flashlight that takes 1x26650 cant be supersmall either like the olight s1 batons… Looks interesting lets see how it will perform and who will sell these in EU might buy one later on as i have liitoakalas 26650 thats just collecting dust atm…