New here, suggestion for old Surefire


I'd first like to say that I love this website. I've already bought a few lights(KD C8, ITP A3), but I really want to fix my Surefire 9P. It was a gift from my brother and I really want to make this thing as best I can. If you're not familiar with this thing, it takes 3 CR123As. I want to make this thing better than it was. So what would you do?

I've been thinking about getting some 16340s and an XPG-R5 drop-in. Or I guess I could bore it out and fit an 18650 with a spacer and put in an XML drop-in.

Also, does anyone know where to get replacement Surefire lenses? Thanks!

I'd probably leave it as 3xCR123A or use a 17650 and a spacer rather than bore it out. Is there such a thing as a 17500 (there is, see below)? You could use two of those. Measure the lens and if it is 28mm, you can get one from KaiDomain. Definitely get a XP-G drop-in. Maybe an XM-L. Most of the budget ones are only good up to 4.2V, so you'd have to figure out a 1-cell solution. Solarforce has some higher voltage drop-ins for multiple cells.


28mm lens:

1-mode XP-G drop-in (2 or 3 cells):

5-mode XP-G drop-in (2 cells):

3-mode XM-L drop-in (1 cell only!):

Hm.... Thrunite XML 3 mode 4.2-9v dropin and two 17500s? Thats what I think.

Sounds like a good one.

Modes might be a little cumbersome with the momentary/twisty switch on the 9P. It should have the same Z44 bezel as the 6P, which fits 28mm lenses.

What's hard to replace is the plastic lens retaining ring if it gets broken or stripped of its threads. The metal ones Solarforce makes won't work despite being the same size because the threading is different, though you can replace the whole Z44 with a Solarforce bezel.

The Xeno bezels sold on CPF marketplace do work though. There is also a one mode version of the Thrunite. Its an excellent, RELIABLE, dropin that doesn't run at ridiculous levels and can run continously.

Are the specs right for that dropin? 1.5A seems a little too low.

1.5 amps. There's absolutly no point in driving P60's above 2.6 amps cuz except to show off. The Thrunite gets warm at best (the pill itself) and is quite reliable.

Really? Because there are a lot of people on this board (myself included) that are running P60 lights with XM-L dropins with 3.0+ amp current draws on high. You don't have to run it on high all the time, but a short term "turbo" is quite useful.

Past 3 amps, 60% more of that energy goes to heat.

And the thrunite has current regulation, and is brighter and more effcient on high than the other dropins are on med.

Great information guys. Looks like it will be 2 17500, a Thrunite XML p60 and possibly a new bezel. Where is the best place to get the Thrunite?

Lighthound, but they're out of stock of the Thrunite XML 3 mode- only have the single mode. They stock the batteries too, so you might want to wait. They beat everyone elses price by a good 6-10 dollars.

Well, is the single mode too bright? I generally don't use flashlights for hours on end, so I can deal with the reduced runtime. The light right now is incandescent and is rated for 90 lumens and quite frankly, it's pretty damn bright.

Its 460 lumens out the front, but your "90 lumens" from surefire is more like 110ish.

Runtime: Lets see....

1.5 amps, 3.1 fV for the XML..... 4.65 watts.

90% driver efficiency... (Its buck only, so pretty efficient).... 5.2 watts.

5.2/oh, 7.6 = .737 amp draw,

1.1/.737= 1.5,

So about an hour and a half runtime. Not too bad.

That's pretty killer. I'm pretty sure I only get an hour out of it right now with 3 123As.

And do they make any boost drivers?

Yeah, the 0.9-4.2 volt verison, thats a buck/boost, for one lithium ion/ two AA's.