New Hi-Max 18650 2600mAh discharge results.....

Well I finally got my Hi-max 18650 2600mAh cells in today and i'm a happy camper They they ended up being about 50-150mah better than my xtar 2600 cells! They ended up going 2502mah. Not to bad for a $6 battery (shipping included) Thanks 4570 for recommending these. Test was done using a Imax B6 clone 1A discharge and 3v cutoff.

Good news. I have a couple of these on the way.

I have a set of 4 of those and they have been great so far, but a little long for some applications (like my laser).

Battery #2 just came in at 2497, talk about a matched set :)

Are the hi-max longer as the XTAR 2600?

My highly scientific eyeball says their the same, my flashlight says the xtars are slightly longer.

where could one buy those bateries, i live in europe so international shiping would be nice?

Only the one guy on ebay sells these cells.

I ordered a 6-pack from this ebay seller (as I was directed to them by someone here at BLF).

They didn't seem too absolutely in a rush to ship them out, it's been 6 days and I still don't have a tracking number. They are estimating a 21-30 day shipping time in their ad.

Thnx for fast rply

ZW99GT, mine where shipped without a tracking number. But I did have to sign for them.

i have six of these, and LOVE them

way better than those garbage Trustfire flames (ive had bad luck)

however, size is an issue in my C2's and my Aurora's... so i kept the good Trustfire flames for those.


i got six of these as well, love them, for 32usd with tracking number

i had to shorten the spring in my c2 to fit them and got the + nipple little damaged but they still work good

Those spec out really good, Even my fresh new TF Flames from DX could only muster 2250-2300mAH when run to only 3v. And good to see you only pushed the cells to 3v as i find it a much better real world number than 2.5v many people will run their cells down too so they can try and meet the specs.

Price is really good, But im spoiled by free shipping when ordering from China anymore.

Im wondering if you have done any high amp draw testing runs to see how they handle 3-5amps? If you feel thats to harsh i understand, I wouldn't do it to many of my cells either.

Sorry I didnt capture the curve. The Hi-max put out....

2273 @ 5A discharge to 2.8v cutoff

I think they are the best budget based battery on the market. I just wish more people sold them.

Packs of 2 via Muhammad Ali Express for a "leet" price here.... god, I am funny today. ;-)

xxllmm4 its been a few months how are the hi-max going ?
im torn between xtar 2600,s or keep on using my trustfire flames as ive brought 14 odd now all work well all take around 2400 mAh and have low internal resistance.