New High Lumen Claim - 3800 Lumens!

It must be true! Its printed right on the light!Tongue out

If you like multi-18650 lights, you might be itnerested in this bad boy. Might actually do 2000+ anyway, which is insane for $50. Might explode on you too. Free fireworks!

3800 lumens? Who's gonna be the guinea pig.

Not 3800, but could be over 2000. Still really, really bright for that price point. Olight is releasing a 3xXM-L light and it will probably cost 4 times this.

I've been waiting for an XXX-ML™ to come out. I wil get one as soon as finagle the finances. Specs are exagerated but still looks nice.

If the leds are getting 3000mA each, then the two batteries must deliver more than 33W. It will get very hot, and the batteries won't last very long (if they don't explode first).

If there is no perfect thermal contact between the leds and the flashlight-body, then that would not matter, because the leds will die before the batteries...

And if the heat does get to the flashlight-body, then it will be too hot to hold in your hands after a few minutes.

I already have that light in the single T6 form…
Why can’t i find just the drop in? Or didn’t they release it yet…
Dammit i want that drop in! :d

Triple XM-L driven by dual 18650? . The leds would probebly get max 2A each which is still quite nice and might be near the 2000 lumens.

Driver can be buck type and driving those in parallel. :/

I wonder what approach would be best for this... triple xml in parallel and dual 18650 in parallel. Triple xml serial and 2x 18650 in serial with a boost driver... Other?

Hmm if this really gives 3 amps to each XML I'd be all over it

If it doesn't explode, I'll get one too.

Definitely get IMR's for these, or at least name brand protected. 4A draw on a multicell setup is no joke.

These new lights are coming out pretty fast now. The next new hot thing keeps coming out and I am having a hard time pulling the trigger because I want to see what pops up next. No problem with $13 lights buy at $50 a pop, you could drop a lot chasing the next big thing. Off to do some IMR research. I know brted had a thread on some budget ones.

Hmm my sanyo 2600 could handle these but I got a new load of IMRs from Home depot I could use. Maybe they will come out with 5 or even 7 xml version

Whoooeee! At least the explosion would probably produce 3800 lumens... :~

There is my problem I have been holding out for a three XML ever since I saw Match's triple mag mod so I think this one will see its way home to me. I have to check out the battery situation first.


That is the kind of light you want to give to a friend who you do not like~

If that thing really pulls 3A per emitter, I'm thinking that is the kind of thing that will lead to govt regulation after the first few accidents, scalded hands, incidents of temporary blindness, etc.

I've been planning to build my own 5x XM-L for my WF-500 body (identical to this light's body), but I was waiting until the fall so that the days would be shorter, and also hoping that someone would start selling one, to save me the effort. This 3x XM-L might run a tad hotter than my planned 5x XM-L (similar total output, lower LED current), but at least it's more-or-less guaranteed to work, so I think I'll get one, but still not until the fall.

It's also cheaper than the parts would have been for my 5x XM-L.

So... who's going to buy one and post a review? :)

The beamshots on the Manafont website aren't very useful. I want to see the beam at distances of 2 m through 100 m and beyond; preferably compared to a 5x XR-E. I could do those comparison beamshots, because my WF-500 has the 5x XR-E module in it, but not til the fall. :)

Like others, I want to know details about the driver too. It'll be disappointing if this light doesn't drive the LEDs at least close to 2 A.

JohnnyMac: nice name. :)

Multiples of 3: a 5x or 7x XM-L is only practical if the LEDs are driven at around 1.2 A or lower (which is what I had planned to do), but adding more LEDs won't increase the output except for short bursts, because I think the limiting factors in this light are going to be the heat dissipation and the battery capacity/safety.

I can't wait to see the teardown on this badboy. Just hopefully the teardown is done purposefully and not sudden and execpetedly..

Oh, a question for anyone who buys this light: how is the spacing between modes? Because for my planned 5x XM-L, with the 800 mA driver "overclocked" to 1.2 A or so, I would have had a pretty bright Low mode. If the driver in this light is designed properly, the low mode will be more useful.

Also is it just me, or is it backwards to design these high-output lights with the modes starting at High? I'd much rather have my high-output lights start at Low, because Low is going to be enough for many situations, and you don't want to temporarily blind everyone for a couple of seconds as you navigate down to Low. When I lend my WF-500 to someone indoors, I have to put my hand over the front of the light while I set it to Low, before I hand it over.

I understand the idea for having low modes, but doesn't the spirit behind having a 5 x XML conflict with using low lumens modes? Don't you have a smaller, more sane (heheheh) flashlight for that? If it were me, I'd just want a single "blow your head off" mode and I'd paint flames on it.

Ha, yeah, good point. But this Sky Ray might actually become my EDC if the low mode is low enough. My WF-500 is one of my two EDCs right now, the other being a Fenix LD01 (more sensible), but on those occasions where I pull out the big gun, I don't want to have to put it away when we go into a restaurant or something. If I could click it down to say 30 lm, then I could hand it to someone for reading a menu or something. And then if a cockroach scurries across the table, I'll click the light back to High. :)

Another use case: taking the dogs out in the yard at night. I like to have a high High, so I can see skunks, etc., but I also want a fairly low Low, so as not to blind the puppies after I've determined that the coast is clear.

Changing the subject momentarily: does anyone know what effect a super-bright light, or a laser, would have on a spider? I find spiders on the house every night when I take the dogs out. I've tried pointing my WF-500 at them, with no apparent effect. I even tried a 5 mW laser pointer once, also with no effect. I expected the spider to at least run away from the laser pointer beam, but no.