Coming soon to your IMALENT GERMANY Importer

Here are some technical data:
16 pcs CREE XHP 50.3 HI LEDs
55000 Lumen
1715 Meter Beam

You find more Informations:

Regards Thorsten

Thank you for your post.

The problem with these super high power lights is that they are all show and no go. Let me ask you a question, how long does it sustain 55,000 lumens? It’s probably less than ten seconds. What can you do in ten seconds? Well that may be getting too personal.

So the question is , who is this light being marketed to, other than the “I have money to burn” flashaholics.

Do you know what would be really interesting for Imalent, and other production light manufacturers to do in their future lights? To add Anduril UI to the light. Instead of having just stepping modes. They should add a UI that gives you much better control over the light output. And by all means, bring down the price on the lights.

Imalent is the manufacturer of innovative flashlights.
The high-end product. There is no better advertising for a manufacturer.
Whether you need something like this is in the eye of the beholder.
A lamp like this is always great.

Regards Thorsten

Keep in mind the rated lumens is the turbo/burst output that is intended for seconds of use when you need absolute brightness. This is what many enthusiast buyers of these lights are looking for. For me, I care about the sustained output and that can be achieved by using efficient LEDs and efficient regulated drivers (buck/boost). It would be quite a feat for a mid size light like this to sustain 10k lumens and this could be possible given the XHP50.3 is a very efficient emitter and the high amount of LEDs in this light allows them to run in the high efficiency range. Only problem is Imalent drivers usually aren’t that great compared to Olight, Fenix, Thrunite, Acebeam. Even their Imalent MS18 doesn’t have a regulated driver!!! There’s absolutely no excuse for a light of that caliber to not use a regulated driver.

Agree with every point you made. A regulated buck/boost driver should be included in a flashlight of this price range. I believe all manufacturers of high-end lights, should work on better efficiency, and better sustain lumens output. Instead of just focusing on max lumens that last 30 seconds to a minute, if even that. And Imalent should definitely work on a better UI. As I mentioned, they should probably include Anduril UI in their future releases. Or at least give the consumer the option to have that UI included with your purchase.

Lights like this are for both sustained search and rescue and the quick scan possibility to light an insanely huge area up well over 400m away for a reasonable 70 secs. To sustain over 400m you’d need a low power thrower and the area covered wouldn’t be as wide or you’d need an unpractical massive flashlight/spotlight.
Some of these high power lights come with a smaller switchable LED built-in for sustained throw but again it’s a tiny area you’d illuminate. Also at 100m most sustainable throwers like the TN42 will only partially light a large tree, the SR16 lights all a tree and then some.
I’ve just nearly finished reviewing the SR16 and it delivers.
The SR16 can also send a ton of light up to 1000m for 3 mins which not a lot of pop can lights can do. I’ll measure the sustained Mid II throw soon.

I can’t wait to watch your video, Always amazing review

Thanks, just uploading it now