New Inova Radiant 2AAA LED flashlight

Just when you thought the Inova Radiant flashlight line was dead and buried, Nite-Ize announced a new 2AAA 85/10 lumen dual mode version:

Radiant 2AAA

They announced a 2AA version, too.

A bit plasticky, but interesting. At least it is one more option!!

A 2AAA light is all about being slim and easy to carry. They made it fatter than needed and not very pocket friendly. They didn’t even included a pocket clip? It’s not easy to screw up a penlight but they found a way.

I do like the 85 lumin high and 10 lumin low. Two modes can be useful and those levels are just about perfect. 85 is good enough for 99% of my needs and 10 lumens is low enough for up close work but still bright enough to be useful. In a two mode penlight, they got the modes right at least. The rest of the light is a non-starter for me but maybe it’s not designed to be handy and carried. Maybe it’s one of those 2AAA lights that supposed to live in a drawer or on a work table/bench. Of course the question comes up, why a 2AAA light that you are not supposed to carry? The point of AAA over AA is the size. If it’s going not going to be designed to be carried, a 2AA light makes more sense. But what do I know?

Another nominee! :slight_smile: