New JETBeam RRT01

Looks quite nice actually, small, powerful and infinitely adjustable, wonder how much it is though.

waiting for the knock off

Haha, good point, but only if it has infinitely variable brightness, IMO thats what makes these lights nice.

Waiting for an 18650 model! :)

Here is a video

lol me too!


Yikes ! I just saw the price. It's >US$100 I was really interested in this light till I saw the price. Sorry, it's just too expensive.

A little bit less in HKequipment with the BLF members discount.

Out of my budget range.

Very nice light but too rich for my blood. It won't be too long until the clones come out with the step-less output rings instead of the current stepped magnetic control. We have had stepped for some time now. Step-less is just around the corner then...BAM!!

Just saw a Dino Group Buy discount on the Bright Side forum -

Re: Feeler thread: DINODIRECT Group Buy

by Sarah17 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:18 am

Here the COUPON coming !!!

Coupon Number: RRT01

Sorry about the shouting.

Price: $79.99

If that isn't enough, the new limited addition with Ti added Tcr 01...180.00 bones on pre-order!..kelly

Still a ridiculously high price.

A very similar light from the same designer is also coming out: The Nighteye EYE 10.

It looks the same as the RRT-01, with minor cosmetic differences on the outside: A different pattern of knurling on the ring and body, and heatsink fins at the head. Unlike the RRT-01 it also has a U2 emitter plus hidden strobe and SOS mode (the RRT-01 has a hidden SOS, but no strobe).

A review on CPF measured the EYE 10's output on IMR cells at 662 lumens OTF. If it's any cheaper than the RRT-01 it might be the light to get for those who want a tiny infinitely variable brightness pocket rocket.