new: jetbeam SRA40 4*AA


Rechargeable 4*AA

I’ll wait to December but add it to the list of “I want you in my life.”

Very nice :heart_eyes: . But my wallet screams “no” :frowning:


i like my d40a for now, but the ability to recharge batteries in the flashlight is cool

Looks nice. I wonder how much it will cost?

Okay, it has an internal charger, but I'm not crazy about that. I can't imagine this will bring much more to the table, but a much lower low and programmable modes would be great.

A lot, one of my favorite lights is a Jetbeam and they are extremely well made but the prices are too high. I would guess over $150.

Yikes! thats crazy! Definitely not worth anywhere near that price

I don't think it will be that much.. they have to think about their competitors.

They can't charge much more than the EA4, D40 etc.

That looks really nice. Coud do without the charger port though.

Don’t really like short stubby 4xAA lights that are too small for my hands.

I wish they could have made a updated PA40 or something similar.

Not too keen on the charging port either.

Looks nice but thats about all for me.

It is a strange offering indeed, after the progress made by Nitecore and Sunwayman. :weary:

Looks ugly, no need for internal charger either. For all we know it is just a dumb/trickle charger in aluminium housing. As safe as we think eneloop are, NiMH can still vent. I wonder if it can charge alkalines. :ghost:

Looks really nice. Appears to have design elements of the D40A and the EA4 combined into a new variation of the theme. Still don't regret my D40A purchase one bit. We'll see how the modes are on this but the D40A is a tough light to beat IMO. ;)

D40A is really good.
Thanks for sharing. It does look handsome. Jetbeam makes good stuffs. I’m not so sure about charging of batts in the light. Think it’s gonna charge for a long time.

They will sale 0 pieces with that price! It is nice design but there are quite a few well established lights in 4xAA market already…

Ya, that great big warning label looks really cool! :wink:

It should have a warning about not looking into the beam too!

Nice looking light,I think the modes and price will be the determining factor here.Moonlight would be a must for me to buy this one and the on board charging is something I can do without.I think D40A will remain on top in the end at it's price point and the charger port will effect the ipx rating.

Someone from other forum mentioned that

and the ddr26 is in $100 range so I really doubt that it could be <$70, not even close to D40A…