new: jetbeam SRA40 4*AA


You can get a DDR26 on ebay for $75 or less right now. The retail price of the D40A is $80. I would imagine it won’t be that difficult to locate a deal that brings the price of the SRA40 close to the “deal price” of the D40A.

I note from one of the pictures that the charging port shows an input current of 0.35amps. If I have 4 AA eneloops that need 1900mah each, that seems to equate to 21.7 hours charging time, if I have done the math correctly. Not bad, but if my light is out, I would rather put in four cells that are already charged, rather than go without until I can get recharged.
Edit: Maybe the idea is to park the light on the charger when not in use.

I have some concern about the charging heat that will be generated in a light that will likely be waterproof (airtight?). Maybe Jetbeam has a charging algorithm to counter this effect.

Also, as mentioned earlier, some well-intentioned family member may put in some alkalines. Ooops.

Do not lick the reflector

edit: I think this would do better with some sort of connectorless charging like my toothbrush. set it in a cradle when not in use and it charges. no charger port to let in dust and water or wires to worry about

whoaa… 1000 lumens from AA batteries? how long will it last on high? :open_mouth:

Looks nice, but the charger is a turnoff for me. If it must include a charger, just put a mini or micro USB port there instead of another proprietary charging brick and cable I have to lug around. Not sure I’m feelin’ it for this one.

One advantage I can see to a charging port is if this is a work light. It can be in the charger getting topped off and quickly removed and used. A slow 0.35A charger takes away that advantage though.

Price, modes, runtime, throw - thats what Im interested about in this light.

Looks like $99 from Battery Junction. Should be less in the foreign shops.

My guess is that they will be charged in series so you don't need to multiply the 1900 x 4. Probably more like 6 hours.

I personally don't see much benefit to charging the batteries in the light. Nor am I keen on charging AAs in series. Realistically I would much rather just swap in a set of fresh cells.

Perhaps this is more of a marketing-driven idea in the sense that they just want something that differentiates themselves from the competition.

That price is lower than I expected from a domestic seller.

  • High: 960 lumens / 2hrs
  • Mid: 240 lumens / 5hrs
  • Low: 20 lumens / 45hrs

I don't see the point in this light. The modes are spaced okay, but there's not enough of them for the price and given the competition. That mode structure works fine for basic access, but there should be additional modes for users willing to read the manual. It has some nice milling and a nice digital indicator, but it seems to deliver less for the money in every other way compared to the D40A.

The Jetbeam looks really bad compared to the deal Illumination Supply just put out for the D40A as part of their "Black November" sale.

I need one mode with 8-12 hours of runtime.
Around 100-130 lumens, a complete night.

I wonder if they’ll offer a neutral white version of this? That would definitely be a requirement for me.

I too, don’t quite like the internal-charger bit. Superfluous. I have a few AA chargers that allow me to select the charging current etc.
Ultimately though, it’s gonna be the price that will be the deal maker/breaker 8)

this is a nice light, but its going to have to be sold cheap (prob below map) and with neutral white to even get me interested

i have my d40a neutra… that i paid…. a criminally low price for… and got vinh to mod to pull 4.5 amps off eneloops

even still this light is interesting to me


D40A’s additional moon mode is useful, its a shame JB’s new SRA40 doesn’t have it.

Vid review uploading (check back in a few if not ready yet):

Just posted my review, here: Review: JETBeam SRA40 (XM-L2 T6, 4x AA)

i compared all reviews out there so far.

UPz review is by far the best work. It is concise but comprehensive enough and loaded with very helpful objective info regarding FENIX LUMENS performance and TINT COMPARISON.

And he is no shill or someone who reviews positive, just to ensure that he gets more FREE samples from the same manufacturer source.

UPz, please more of such quality and trustworthy work!! :hat: