NEW KeepPower 5200mAh PROTECTED 26650s at Illumn!

After I read HKJ’s review of this new battery, I couldn’t find anyone that stocked it! So…I contacted KeepPower for a group buy or special offering to BLF. They recommended going through Calvin at Illumn…and he has ordered some for stock, and has them at a very nice price of $10/ea + shipping ! You must use coupon code ‘illumination’ at checkout. It cost me less than $47 delivered. Item ordered at 4:25 p.m. and received email at 4:33 that it had shipped…wow! My first order with Illumn.

Thanks Calvin!

Received Saturday 16th…3 days shipping, even though I ordered them late in the afternoon on Wed. Nice! All are at 3.69v.


Got mine on the 16Th also. Saw you post and jumped on them.

Great thread. I need to start replacing some of my older cells, but no way was I going to pay all that money for the Enerpower 26650 cells again. These protected KeepPower cells are now the king of 26650’s. Just ordered 9 of them from Calvin with the BLF discount he generously offered us.

Now I just have to find a good price for a TrustFire S700 Flashlight and I’ll be set.

yes, Illumn has got their shipping team on point! i recieved an item in one day!

but hey , are these cells suppose to be better than the king kongs and the MNKE’s?

i might be in the market for some new 26650’s, so good to know now, while these are on sale …or stock…er both

Group buy!

I wish. But I’m pretty sure that was the GB that was cancelled, but I haven’t given up on it :bigsmile:

I don't remember one getting started. It can't hurt to ask.

dang, out of stock :frowning:

Nope! They are in stock!

omg hahah. that must’ve literally changed between 10 mins before my post and your reply haha.

thanks man!

RMM has what I suspect is the same base cell in protected and unprotected BUTTON TOP versions under the EVVA brand label. I have some of the protected button tops on the way as well as some of his King Kong unprotected 5000 mAh 26700 batteries. He also has unprotected flat tops , same 5200 mAh capacity, in a light green wrapper. Maker not specified but I do not think he offers any bad batteries.

I’ve tested the 5200 greens and the 5200 unprotected EVVA from mtn. The greens were between 5100 and 5200 and the EVVA was over 5300.

Define ‘better’. The Keeppowers are not especially high current cells. They are comparable to King Kongs, but certainly don’t have the current output if the MNKE’s. So if you’re looking for 20A, look elsewhere. These are high capacity cells. Their real forte is being able to run, say, a 2-3A XM-L2 for a good long time.

Does anybody know if Illumn has a new discount code for the Keepower 26650s … I’m in need of a couple … the “illumination” code doesn’t work anymore :frowning: