New King of Throw Revealed -Olight SR95 UT 170Klux

Not a budget light, using the SBT-90 led paired up with big SMO.

Also it's too big.

Will be more excited on smaller lights with SBT90: SR55 UT? or Nitecore TM20


SST-90 P bin.

Bezel 90mm

Hollow out structure in the head part reduces its weight by 30% than that of traditional sealed packet design.

BTW, I want CST-90 2700 lumens, to make my CST-90 Flood to throw

Feature of SR95UT
1. Uses world-class super bright Luminus SBT-90 LED.
2. 60lm(48h)-300lm(10h)-1050lm(1h55min);

Max. 820m long throw???

So all I have to do is sell one of my kidney's to be able to afford this light?

I spilled my coffee on that one!! Laughing

Wow. Thanks for the heads-up.

For the more budget-minded, there should be a number of lightly-used SR90s coming up for sale....

1300 lumens at 9A drive current? Doesn't makes SBT-90 look very good, considering Match got that much out of (copper-bound) XM-L at 5.4A..

Wonder how my Direct Drive 25A+ PT120 green Mag 4D Aspheric would compare? I know it ain’t white.

I'm not sure where that came from. The Olight site quotes 2000 OTF.

"Max lumens: 1,400".

Also, this page says highest mode is just 1050 lumens:

My reply #1

SST-90 P bin = max lumens is over 2000 = Use in SR95

SBT-90 (no dome) = max lumens is about 1400 = Use in SR95UT

SBT-90 in SR95UT with no dome means wide angel but good for reflector to collect light for max throw.

I don't know if it will beat the SkyRay King in Brightness ? That cheap King can put out some serious L & L .... " LUX & LUMENS "

Used SR90 cost about $250, so only half a kidney.

De-dome SR-90 will beat the SR95-UT

De-dome SR95-UT and you’ll get a laser :Р

SR95 UT use SBT-90, there's no dome.

Now there is SR95 review @ CPF...

So now there is no need to get that 400 bucks Elektrolumens or $269 Lambda Super VPT (sold out anyway) ....

168100cd, sq root to get 1 lux @ target, then times 2 to get 0.25 lux @ target.

Max. 820m long throw??? >>> I mean that is true LOL