New L2P's in COLOR

Saw this at the other place. To be released soon, they say. The blue is calling my name. The picture came from so it is legit.

Only thing I'm not so sure about is the L2P has always been HA Type III and I didn't think they could dye the natural color to gold or blue like this.

CPF post:

already posted here. not that there's anything wrong with that.

As I understand it, you can't have HAIII in colors (other than black and natural). I just look at it as more finishes that won't match the accessories.

Just based on that pic, I'd say the black and grey may now be similar to the finish on the L2T. Eh... maybe not... its hard to tell.

blue. a few scratches add character. i wonder how much they are.

I like em but I hate the stock L2p switch..and there are no other colour switches..

Of course, now they need red. I'm hoping there's no price premium on these and the blue is really the blue they are showing and not a bluish-purple.

They look very happy together...

I'm glad to see they are offering colors as body only so you can put what you want in them. I have been holding off on the L2P, but hope somehow the blue is HAlll.

Blue is my favorite color.

Just when you think there is nothing more to buy

I knew it was a bad idea to click on this thread. Frown

They'd come out with Magenta and Blue soon. :)

That's just wrong! Now I have to have one of each color. I would like a red one too

Yeah, red would be awesome! I like those. Maybe we will even get some funky splash-styled ones? Nah, probably not.

With different colors you can start doing some lego combinations. A blue/black combo would be cool.

Yeah, they should do a lightish red.

Oh where, oh where is Foy:p

I had a shirt that was "light brick" but my girlfriend said it was pink. Looking back, it was kind of pink.

I bet Foy is in Hongkong dipping L2P's in blue dye. That's why we haven't heard from him.

I hope Foy did not hard anodized himself . ;-) It may look cool... but it might not be healthy.

What worries me more is how far back he's lapped and polished his head to make it smooooth....and...shiny....

I want orange ....