New law enforcement maglite

So I registered my new maglite on their website, and there was a comment section. I wrote that it might be beneficial to make a law enforcement minded flashlight. Maybe one with three modes andstrobe, with a long run time and more lumens. I got this response today.

Dear Ryan,

WE are, we plan to introduce the new Mag Tac tactical light in a few months. The light will use CR123 lithium batteries, 250 lumens and 4-1/2 hrs on time. Push button switch with momentary/ high and strobe.

I think it's pretty cooit they are updating. I wonder what price range it will be.

Thanks for sharing the info, and welcome to the forum.

It's a shame that Mag has waited so long, but it's progress in the right direction !!!

Still way behind in technology but its a step in the right direction for sure. I look forward to seeing what it looks like.

I *really* hope it will take the voltage of 2 x RCR123s (max 8.4v)

That is one ugly light (IMO). Maglite could do so much more...well, just by stealing our ideas ;)

What's a Mag light ?

never heard of them before

Ugly... I would rather take a good P-60 host anytime. A lot more possibility and probably a good bit cheaper...

That thing is ugly.



I'm always rooting for them, but disappointed they have remained behind the times. They should do a custom light for BLF and learn what people want.

How about a light with the same form as a 2C , but shortened just enough to take an 18650 , with an XML driven to 2 amps ?

You wouldn't have to make it focusable .

And I'd be happy .

And I believe they would sell like crazy .

LOL, must be a division of Magfire?


What I would like to see one day hopefully soon is when we can walk in to a local Walmart and buy a Maglite 700-800 lumen XM-L for like $40 or so that runs on 18650 batteries with the regular big head like on their D cell lights. That will be great if and when it happens.

I never liked MagLite flashlights, some xxxxFire lights have better designs for less money.

Really ugly design.

Mag could do something much better than that, in fact they are usually nice looking.

Think about it, they have all production lines ready and set.

Almost same body. If they are unable to make pill and driver themselves, I bet they could cough up a sum of cash so it would be designed ready for them.

XM-L´s are not rare, nor should they be afraid of. Pay a 100$ to a poor flashaholic, he´ll tell ya how hard to drive it.

With Mag´s capabilities to produce them in large numbers and make them available in ANYWHERE in North America very fast, it really is really really hard to see them NOT to sell a lot of them.

If they want to do it old-fashion, why not use 3D and mildly driven XM-L?

It would anyway be a WHOA for regula Mag users...

Step in the right direction I guess, however its ugly, not that bright, and uses crappy battery format.