New Light at Shiningbeam - I-Mini AA/14500/CR123A***NEW***-ShiningBeam-I-dsh-mini-Cree/Detail

Very tempted - The feature I most like the look of is the digital infinite brightness - 7 - 260 lumens. The same feature is on the Solarforce Skyline 1 but it doesn't seem sensible on a thrower.

I wouldn't be interested in using the CR123A option. I'm trying to stick to 14500 or 18650.

Nice find, thanks for sharing !

I dig the option of using multiple cell formats.

It's always good to have options but I've found in practice I always stick to the same cell format. I'm just a cell bore!

Looks similar to the Jetbeam B series.

Cheaper alternative would be the Ultrafire MCU C9 Black or Silver at $20.05

does the MCU C9 have a variable brightness feature?

Yes High -med- low

If the I-mini had a selector ring it wold be much better

That's going to be a popular light! Some people will want a lower Low though. And I'd like to see them take it a little further by making it kind of like a Quark tactical where you could program a tight mode and a loosened mode so that you could have a 2-mode light instead of 1. Actually they could make tight be fixed at High and then allow the loosened mode to be set to any level.

I have a Sunwayman V10A on the way. This light is similar in some regards, but cheaper.

If the MCU did have h - m - l I would defintely buy at that price but it's got h - m- disco which is always a non-starter for me.

The only time I've seen a strobe in action was in the film Kick-Ass. In truth I don't see myself being strapped to a chair getting the s$%£ beaten out of me whilst my foul-mouthed daughter guns down the bad guys. I mean, I don't even have a daughter!

That you know of. You gotta stay positive.

Rats, there goes another $35 bucks, thanks a lot...

I love quality lights that run on AA's, especially as low as 7 lumens.

YES! Please let there be more AA/14500 options!

But I'll pass on this one since it's not really what I'm looking for and the price is too high for something I'm not really looking for, haha. But I'm happy to see they came out with this!

Looks to be a nice light... I own one of their P-Rocket Lights (XM-L NW) and the quality is very decent and 800 lumens is very respectable for a pretty well made $45 light... So I'd venture to say that these are just as well made if not more so.