New light on Kickstarter called "DARKFADE"

Hi peeps,

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this light, but I thought I would - I’m going to have a crack at one as they look like they nailed it!
I like headlamps but hate having to wear one for work as they are uncomfortable, sweaty and give you bed hair :UGHH: (I work in a more corporate environment)

Tell me what you think - I know lots will say nice light but can I have it with Nichia/ABC,K U P X tint etc :smiley: :FACEPALM: O:) (us tint snobs can change them out) Though I would have liked it to have 21700 battery DARKFADE

I don't see the point of requiring you to tilt the light to change brightness. Hold to ramp isn't hard, LOL.

This just seems silly.

I see what you are saying but, what I like in is you can turn the light to the perceived brightness you want then turn the light on knowing at what brightness-ish it will come on at.
I can never remember at what brightness I left my ramping at or output selected level on stepped IU’s. And with say Ramping, you have to stop to reverse back down or up, which is a pain. The next closest easy on to your required output would be a magnetic control ring light.

Sorry for being so negative but I don’t see anything on that light that would make me pay $129, or even 20% more. Forget about the 21700, it probably has a fixed custom battery of (guessing) 600 mAh. The only feature I like is that I don’t have to mess with a pencil or stone to get the light a bit tilted upward. And the slick presentation, of course!

Reminds me of the Nitecore Sens series…

This method only works if you’re standing upright. If you’re in an unusual position and don’t hold the flashlight horizontal, it’s all messed up. And it works only with gravity, of course.

Hate to say it but this is stupid and definitely not worth 120 Euro...
Same functionality can be achieved for a lot less

Beyond the ridiculous price and silly gimmicks, they seem to have spent far more money and effort creating their marketing video than the light itself.

I wonder what they want to patent on this, as all mentioned features already exist elsewhere, although not together in one flashlight.
There is no way to file a patent on state-of-the-art, at least not in a legal way.
This statement of “patent pending” and the threatening tone with “zero tolerance” alone makes the whole project questionable, especially as any pending patent may be declined in the process, so threatening before having a patent is quite unwise.
Let’s see when they are forced to throw all the money they have into court trials.
Maybe that’s why the price is so ridiculously high.

They state 18650 battery.

Wow didn’t realise no one seems to have vision for something of a new concept, change is hard I know. Yes it’s not cheap but USA made small batch lights are not cheap either.

There is a difference between not cheep and overpriced and this light is overpriced for what you get....
Zebralight is also USA based and sell for about half price.
about the concept It is not really different from magnetic switch, ring switch or even regular ramping

Looking good for 29 Dollar :+1:

Regards Xandre

Lol, that vid is “so dramatic and so profound” that it seems to have backfired.

I’m not against the light. The more choice the better but that commercial was rubbish :confounded:

... did this ever end ?

Now I understand this whole kickstarter thing ..

I'd like to support this one and participate in some small way ... by offering to kick someone or something .

The Wurkkos WK40 will have a ring for brightness setting.

Can you put the lamps name in the thread title, please?

Title updated. Yes that Wurkkos is interesting light with that selection ring but IMO totally different light.

Things I like, the (extra Alu clip) that’s adjustable that looks like you can make it up or down carry and slide it to you preferred depth. You can get a magnet necklace to attach light to your front for instant hold. Removable 18650 battery. Programable via USB-C to change output (eg moonlight mode) accelerometer settings etc

I am not impressed. If it was priced around $40 it would be worth getting one just to check it out. At the full price of ~$160, it is just not worth it. Simply not compelling enough!
I wish them luck, but they won’t be getting my money.

Ah I get it now! I should have posted this on CPF I think they will get it. Will do now.

Uhhh, do these guys realize right angle headlamp exist? lmao
Also, they just picked a Samsung LH351D with a micro TIR lens that has a wide beam…

It’s just a normal flashlight with some right angle headlamp DNA.