NEW Lumintop GTA KW.CSLNM1.TG OSRAM Super-thrower | Parts 1 & 2\_

You got a ’micro to compare it to, by any chance?

That’s my go-to micro-thrower (the Catapult Mini is just too damned easy to turn on accidentally).

Curious about the diffs between the ’micro and the ’A. Guessing the ’A doesn’t have Narsim, eh? Not with the tailswitch…

That’s one thing I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally like about the ’micro. 5click for momentary-mode!

I;’ll compare to Catapult mini on part 2. I have the accidental sideswtich activation of it, compared to this which would never have that problem.

Wellp, my ’micro is a flooder compared to the Cat-mini… :laughing:

Yeah, the Catapult Mini beats it…