New Maxtoch 2X with BLF upgrades now on sale:

Maxtoch have just completed the upgrades to the excellent SN6X2-2X of last year. This torch was subject of a group buy by krono recently and was a very well regarded light.

After discussion with a number of NZ hunters and BLF members Maxtoch have now brought out an upgraded version of the 2X, incorporating a number of recommended performance improvements. These include upgrade to led (XML2-U2), AR lens, copper board as standard.

Don’t have any test data yet but they expect lux output will be 20-30% up from the earlier 2X which produced a very good 98k stock. So we might be looking at 120-130k standard - meaning perhaps 250k with just dedome. That’s a powerful light. And price remains very good - $75US. Alot of bang for the buck. No doubt we’ll find out more details shortly from Amanda (MTamanda on this site):

Dedomed at 250k or so this has serious application as an outdoor or hunting long distance spotlight. I wonder what Tom E and other modders will get out of this new version - they were round 350k with the earlier model.

Looks like an excellent thrower. If the copper board has direct-thermal path like the Sinkpad or Noctigon it is gonna be so perfect.

Yes, the copper board is same as Sinkpad and Noctigon.