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After owning a couple of Olight I3e’s I decided I’d like to try something a little bigger/brighter. Reading here for about a week I settled on a Convoy C8+ (Nichia 219c, 7135x6, 5700k). While waiting for its arrival I thought I should sign up and ask for battery recommendations as I know nothing about rechargeables.

Also, I’m considering an Opus BT-C100 charger, I think it will serve my modest needs.

Any pointers appreciated.


Thanks for joining the gang, Waiting!

I don't think a Convoy C8+ (Nichia 219c, 7135×6, 5700k) pulls very many amps, so if you want an unprotected cell, I would get one of the following for maximum runtime:


Samsung 35E

Sanyo/Panasonic 18650GA

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LiionWholesale is offering the high-drain Samsung 30Q 15-amp-continuous batteries for a decent price of $4.73. Whereas you may not need a high-drain battery right now for this particular C8, it won't hurt. And it may eventually come in handy for future flashlight purchases. Because shipping is expensive, get all the batteries you think you may need for the immediate future at one time.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but reliable analyzing charger, I can recommend the LiitoKala Lii-500. They can be had for less than $20 if you wait for a sale. or get a coupon code from one of the daily BLF sales threads.

And welcome to BLF!

Edited: I have had good luck with the LitoKala Lii-100 single battery charger- and often gift them with flashlights. You can get them for under $4 if your wait for a deal. I have actually purchased them for $2.99, but that was awhile ago.

Thanks for the welcomes and the recommendations.

Hopefully I won’t get too crazy with my “future flashlight purchases” :slight_smile:

Or you would become like the rest of us.

Hi and welcome. Or should that be run before its to late?

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF. Convoy flashlights are a great start. If you are getting a 18650 cell, including a 21700 cell for some of the newer flashlights just starting to come out for most likely the same shipping might be a good idea. I’d stick with the brand names you are already familiar with (LG, Sony, Samsung etc…) and a reputable seller.

Thanks, all. It may already be too late to run, now I’m eyeing the Sofirn C01 BLF and the Sofirn SP10A (I love small EDC’s!).

Hello Waiting, welcome to BLF.
Because we order a lot of stuff from Chinese sellers, “waiting” is practically our middle name :wink:

Yeah, 26 days is a pretty long “delay of gratification”. :frowning:

And from now on that’s getting “better” every time you order.
Those poor parcels (are we there yet? are we there yet?).


The most important things to remember when ordering from the China shops is;

1. Only make 1 item per order, they can and will “screw up a 2 car funeral”
2. Make the order, hide the email conformation from your wife and then forget you bought it. When it shows up it’s like Christmas.
3. Like most other things in life, the pictures make everything look bigger than it really is (except for the BLF GT that thing is just too big for pics to do justice)
4. Divide most china lumens by a factor of 3 and you may be close to reality.

Most of all,

Thanks for the tips, Keith. I checked out the BLF GT, yeah, that’s BIG!

ADDENDUM: On point #4, it doesn’t apply to BLF branded lights, which are so far all made in China. We do alright with making sure the rated lumens are within a small margin of error of reality. A lot of the known trusted Chinese brands keep it within a couple hundred lumens of reality at least. The worst offenders are the no-name and super-cheap lights. In that case, you just have to know enough about LED flashlight technology to guess what reality is and decide whether you still want to buy them. Some of them are still nice to have for the price. :wink: