New member saying hello!

Hello all!

I have read a few posts over the years on the forum and thought I would join now, considering I’ve been upgrading my flashlight options.

Current collection includes SF, SL, Coast, Energizer, Acebeam,Klarus, Nitecore, ET, LF, and a couple less expensive brands or clones found locally.

Most carried (depending on requirements) have been the ET Tac Clicky (18650), ET DX3 (and previous version), and currently the SL Macrostream. Current bedstand emergency light is a a SL Protac HL-4 (with a Protac 2-LX backup). Current grab-and-go light is the Nitecore P20i (currently paired with a SL Protac HL-5X).

Oldest carry was the first SF LED Defender bought new almost 20 years ago. It’s currently being used to test out some LF options.

Current “wish they made it” light would be a 16650/2xCR123 version of the 0.8” bodied ET D3C Ti with an orange peel reflector.


Welcome to BLF!

We're very glad to have you here, Scotty321!