New member, thank you already!

Hello all, my name is Anthony. I recently got tired of my cheapy flashlights, always breaking or flashing on/off after a drop (or two lol). Really annoying when trying to work in the dark lol. I’m also looking for a light that I can mount on a rifle. So I finally started researching lights, and quickly found that flashlights can cost ALOT of money! $300-500 is just too much for me to spend. This forum, and the people that input here (SelfBuilt comes to mind) have helped me ALOT. Thankyou for that! Flashlights get pretty confusing pretty quickly with all of the brands, options, etc. This site helps narrow it all down. Huge help.
So again, thank you to all that have helped, and will help in the future.

Welcome to the forum. Plenty of members can help you with specific questions.

Welcome to BLF community ,feel free to ask what ever help do you need, but be aware this place is addictive :wink:

Yes! Very addictive lol. The world of flashlights has consumed me…
Thank you for the welcome. Nice people here!


If you check out my modest GAW you might just win a little extra that will help you in this department (or discount for a ready build quality light ;))

Make yourself at home, BlueHound!

Welcome the BLF. Think you got us mixed up with CPF, SelfBuilt’s home. What kind of rifle light are you looking to get, aspheric or reflector, white or colored led?

Yea when I get into something I do as much research as possible, and alot of the sources get jumbled up lol. But this forum definitely helped when google’n lights. Alot of good stuff here.
I went with a ThruNite Archer 2c. But my original plan of getting one “do it all” light, is out the door. I think I’m hooked cus I feel the NEED for more lights lol.
I dug a little deeper last night and found alot of talk about the C8. Looked it up, $29.99, with many features I like. Finding good lights at these prices will really help me get lights for different jobs. So I’m really excited to learn more because I’ve barely scratched the surface.
I still need to learn a bit more about certain things. Terms, different types of lighting(flood/throw), and upgrades (who is this Malkoff guy?lol) are some that come to mind. So I’ve got alot of catching up to do, and I’m glad to have a place with all the info I need. I think after I know a bit more about lights overall, I’ll know more about what I want/need for my 2nd, 3rd, and 11th light lol.