"new" model LG INR18650 HG2L

I recently found on Nkon a new model LG HG2L https://eu.nkon.nl/rechargeable/18650-size/lg-inr18650-hg2l-3000mah-20a.html I was not able to find any relevant information about it, only this statement:

Hmmm… looks like it might give the 30Q a bit of competition. :slight_smile:

The regular HG2 is already virtually the same as the 30Q spec wise. Maybe even better in terms of longevity

Hmm, that looks nice.

404 on the page though.

I have already ordered few samples, hope they will arrive in one week and I will make some direct comparison tests with its older brown HG2 brother.

BloeSwordM: link on Nkon page works fine for me

Link doesn’t work for me either.

Looks like VapCell has had them since last July

Hmm… and Nkon homepage? https://eu.nkon.nl/

Unfortunatelly not much info there, the “L” mark can be only a signature for a batch for some big customer?

This is the deal from Nkon:

The Nkon page works, just not your original link.

You might be right. May have been a special batch for a tool company or something. VapCell’s case has a date of March 2018, and they said the batch was in production since 2017. LG made the yellow wrapped HE4 specifically for Bosch Power Tools. So this may be a similar type thing. Probably the same thing as a regular HG2.

So the 20A is likely overrated then. The VTC6 is better than the HG2

And sadly that’s one of the few Big Names I don’t have at least a few of in my stable.

Always liked the dynamite-brown wrappers…

That totally looks like some sort of unscrupulous battery rewrapper's awful sticker.


Here are the only information of changes and contributions, that I could find on a Vietnamese site:

LG18650HG2L is a battery released by LG Chem recently. It’s a big competitor with Sony VTC6. HG2 for a maximum continuous discharge capacity of 20A and has the same capacity as VTC6. Unlike his brother, the LG HG2 Brown, this new version is more advanced and does not lose as much tension as the old LG HG2.

Source: https://shadow.vn/lg-hg2

Thanks for the link. Those people stole my picture, the first one, which I took myself as well as added my logo.

I have some LG HG2L and it’s definitely better than the old brown one. Not super scientific test but I have some 18650 lights that can draw way more than 20A and from my experience, most batteries struggle a bit to reach their rated continuous current but this HG2L just sucked up 20A like nothing. In fact, it performs very similarly to my VTC5As. But take my words as a grain of salt since my VTC5As have been used quite a bit so IR most definitely have gone up, although they’re not very old, and my HG2Ls are quite new. I have some VTC6 as well and they usually peak at around 17A even when new with the same light.

EDIT: Whoever owns that Vietnamese shop just updated his/her site with their own picture of the LG HG2L after I confronted them. Even asked me if I’m “happy now?”.

EDIT2: Brilliant, I just realized they copied my description as well.

Vapcell posted the HG2L on July 22, 2019 although the box was dated 2018-03-27. I guess Vapcell just got them in. Seems like these might be a limited run like the Sony 18650 VTC6A that Vapcell was selling that sold out within a few short months. The VTC6A was and still is the best 18650 but unfortunately Vapcell was the only one that had it and in very limited quantities. So if this LG HG2L is good, better get them before they sell out.


Murata/Sony @#$% with VTC6's cycle life according to some tests.

To milk the cows.

I hope for it being mass produced, albeit at least in NKON its price is not among the most enticing ones, imho.

Not sure I agree with you. I have been using primarily VTC6 in my flashlights that I need both good output and capacity. I use the VTC6 often for work. I don’t notice any issues after two years of use. I also been using the VTC5D for a long time for my hotrods but have since switched to Molicel P26A, which is slightly superior. According to Mooch’s test results, I don’t see any other 18650 around 3000mah performing better than the VTC6A. I bought the last 2 Vapcell VTC6A and I love them. They tested at 2983 and 2986mah. I do hope the HG2L will come close or even beat the VTC6A but I doubt it.

I inquired with Vapcell to see if they know how the new cell performs and they said, “LG HG2L is almost the same as LG HG2” :weary:

On a side note, they might be getting in a small batch of VTC6A :smiley:

I just did some output testing with the E07 XP-L HI using fully charged cells.

VTC6A 5,790 lumens
VTC5D 5,780 lumens
VTC6 5,300 lumens
Molicel P26A 5,820 lumens
Samsung 20S 5,950 lumens

Out of the bunch, I would choose the VTC6A any day followed by the P26A. I measured the VTC6A with only 150mah less capacity than the VTC6 but better performance throughout the discharge curve. P26A will perform better along the discharge curve but I measured it at 300mah less than the VTC6A.

Side note. The same E07 made 6,600 lumens with the P26A last time I tested but recently I tried putting a NCR18650GA button top in it and crushed the spring. So be very careful what cells you put in your lights. It can permanently deform your springs resulting in much less performance.

It is really amusing to watch the amount of effort and money some of you spend to gain a prawn's hair difference in a measurement. Are you going to some kind of competition to see who among you got it bigger?

It’s part of the hobby to push everything to the limits where possible. Just like people modifying cars trying to squeeze every last bit of horsepower or shave every last ounce of weight.

:smiley: we sell the HG2L battery,have enough stock