New Mr.Lite AA = J4 now @

Wow , at last , a new AA flashy ! Looks very nice ,

AH YES!!!! Less than 20 dollars!

I'm still looking for a budget 1xaa light that can put out over 150 lumens continuously (especially since fenix and zebralight have already proven that its possible). i hope someone picks this up and tests it. If it can do 150+, I'm totally there.

"Levels are opening customizable", I want " lowlight, normal light, high light, super light", but Daniel is already in contact about that with you ...Old and Mr Admin?

Hopefully ... Hi - Med - Lo - Very lo ....

The J4 isn't even listed on there web as yet , its that new !

It is ... just under the wrong subcategory.

Yes, I want the same mode configuration. I chatted with Daniel and Richard from Mrlite, and they are expecting a prototype sample today, and supposedly there's no problem with a 1 or 2 lumen moonlight mode, followed by regular low, medium, and maximum modes. Daniel is going to make a video of this as soon as he receives it.

Sounds good, I like the style of it - the modes seem just fine to me, forever mode, low, medium, maximum that the thermals or the cell will permit. Or even forever mode, medium and silly high would be fine with me.

Personally I'm happy for it to pull anything up to 8 amps from an Eneloop on max but that means no chance at all of it being usable with alkalines on that level. I imagine that the circuitry for that sort of current wouldn't be cheap though.

Not too bothered about 14500 though it'd be nice. If fewer compromises have to be made to make it NiMH only I'm also happy with that.

I'd not be worried about build quality, the only MrLite light (KC-05) I have is well made and accounts of the others speak of good build quality. Actually MrLite make quite a few desirable lights.

I have to say that I like the look of this light better than the Eastward and the brand seems to be a bit more established.

Yes, I feel the same. I just wish it had a pocket clip.

What do you guys think about the "AR" lense?

Anti-Reflective or AR is very good, but on the pictures Daniel posted they looked kind of milky. I hope that is not the case on the final light. You will gain a few lumens, if the AR is good. You can even buy them as DIY parts.

Ahh, duh, Anti-Reflective. Thanks!

But actually, apart from that, I think it's a collimating lense or something like that. Richard @ Mrlite mentioned something about that, and I forgot to make note of it.

Really? That would be a deal-breaker for me. I hope that isn't the case.

I remember he said "the J4 doesn't have a reflector, it has a <some acronym> lens."

OK, then we really need someone to review this, before I'm willing to put money on an order. I heard horrible things about collimating lenses, but never owned one.

Most likely a TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optic like the MX Power ML-310. Basically, you get a huge hotspot. Will do some pics.

It was some two letter acronym. But at any rate, Asia is asleep right now, we can get in contact with Richard @ Mrlite when they wake up. I think he actually designed this light, he's quite knowledgeable about it.

Here's a TIR optic in a MX Power ML-310 on high with a 14500 at 60cm (2') from the ceiling. The normal beam on the left is from a Trustfire F25 on a 14500 and high.

Ah, thanks Don! Looks interesting. Would probably be useful in some situations. Hmm, maybe that's what it has, then.