New Mrlite AA flashlight J2 ( Cree XRE-R2)

Hi everyone Wink
I'm Richard, from Mrlite. We are the professional manufacture of flashlights. So glad to join this forums. It is really a nice forums. Someone may realize me before. I'm alfred's friend and contact the owner of the forum.

Now I announce our new AA flashlight J2 to you.

Red J2

black J2

Now J2 is five colors available: Black, grey, red, golden and silver

Five colors

Here is the features of J2:


And specifications:


Please notice that J2 support AA or 14500 battery(not both)

J series includes J1, J2 and J3. The features and specifications are the same. J2 is the best sells. Followed are the link of J1, J2 and J3 in our website




Our quality is nice with competative price . We accept paypal. Email sample order, please send paypal to:
We will shipping within 1~2days once got your payment.

Forum discount price:
J series: USD50.00

Group buy is welcome and will be large discount.

Please notice that the price do not includes the shipping cost.

We will send the goods to you by HK registed air mail unless you request other shipping method.

If you have any questions, you can visit our website: or contact me by email/MSN:

Best wishes


Mrlite tech

Our transformer:


Hi Every one. Please notice that Free shipping for Group buy. The quantity of group buy should over 5pcs(include 5 pcs)

Please notice that:

1. The goods will be shipped by Hongkong registed airmail. The delivery time is about 7-15 days.

2. No tracking number.

3. There is no package for the lights. Only light+nylon holster+lanyard will be shipped. But the lights will be packed by some soft materials.

Now this is a light for me.....the silver is awesome.

Not all that cheap but the 14500 version sounds good. Can't figure out what the difference between the three versions is though. There is a considerable difference in weights (80, 85 & 133g) but they all say they take AA/14500. I guess this is a mistake.

Like the option of colours and the Transformer is great. Bet I can't afford one though.

With the prices mensioned, In my opinion they are not budget lights.

Unless the group buy (>4 lights) are really good, I'm inclined to agree. Look good though.

I would love to own one though......would make a very good light to add to my collection.

Thank you my friend. In fact I think the black one looks better:)

As I said J2 is the best selling one in J series, I only post the specifications of J2 here. You can check the spec of J1 and J3 in our webstie:)

Once you attend group buy, you'll find the price will be lower. Cool

The transformer is not for sale at this time

For some odd reason, I kinda like the gold one. Maybe it's because I don't have a gold one yet. Laughing

These are really some good looking lights (I like the gold one too) but I would want a lower low and better spaced out modes for a light in this price range…someting like 1) 5 (or lower) lumens then 2) 40, then 3) 100, then 4) Max. The way the modes currently are, I think there are too many levels above 100 lumens and not a low enough low.

You can customize the levels. You can delete some levels as you wish. Just tell us before your order. It's ok for us.

WOW...that is a great feature. Thanks for clarifying that!Cool

That is a wonderful feature that you guys do.....for me i would just like a 3mode driver......dont really need anything more then that.