New Niteye EYE40

It’s $290. Anyone knows of better prices?

Actually, the new light by BlackShadow is the one everyone is waiting for.
It looks practically the same, it’s called the Terminator, the retail is $150.00
Much better price, I hope it deliver’s.
Here’s a link.

Goinggear 10% discount code ggcpf10
Can save you $15.00 off the $150.00 price
Free shipping domestic orders over $49.00

Hk is pretty competative price wize, the shadow Teminator looks almost identical and should be more reasonable

Then there’s this

The Ultrafire is crap, based on the beamshot comparison with SRK.
The Terminator looks good but problems are the fixed handle and not so good UI. Also I doubt the claimed output until it’s verified by reviewer. If it’s true to the advertised lumen and the stepdown is not too much maybe I’ll get it.


I just got my Eye40, wow. I love this thing. I’ve only just got it and tried it a bit before throwing the new batteries on the charger. What I wasn’t expecting, and can’t figure out (although I love that it happens) is that the beam is perfectly circular. Whether its running on one head(LED), two heads, three heads or four, the beam stays perfectly circular. Not one stray shadow outside the areola. How do they do that . You would think that running just two or three heads would cause an uneven spill, but no. Perfectly circular. Just the beam profile alone made my day.
Can’t wait for the batts to charge so I can take it out to play.

Late post but Illumination Supply has a few of them for $200. Apparently a clearance sale as it is the only Niteye item they list and I could not access it from the front page menus. I originally found it on a Google search. The IS discount codes DO NOT WORK on this sale item.