New penlight from Nitecore: MT06

Is this gonna be better than the Preon P2??Let’s wait and see.\_\_E

Anyone selling it yet?

HK Equipment.

Battery Junction lists it for $3 less currently though not in stock till after Xmas. I note the listed specifications Claim “High efficiency constant current circuitry provides unwavering and dependable output” which I find hard to believe for the claimed 45 minutes at high output of 165 Lumens. If true then excellent capacity and much better efficiency than the Olight O’pen and FourSevens penlight. By test the Olight’s performance with alkaline batteries is abysmal with the light curve in High more resembling a vertical cliff.

The linked to ANSI specs in the first post page indicate that the performance was measured with 750 mAh NiMH batteries. Not too surprising IMO.

I just ordered one from Battery Junction. With the current 15% discount code per their latest email and cheapest shipping the total was $30.41. If had of ordered a total of $50 worth of stuff the shipping would have been free but they probably would not have shipped any of it till after Christmas.

That’s a few quid cheaper than the Chinese seller on ebay, £25.59 HKE works out around £23.

It looks so pretty, the clip seems good quality, metal clicky, but the low is 32lm!!! :weary: Still I may give it a try. Looking forward for the reviews!!!

Nevermind, I am happy with my Hugsby XP2.

Battery Junction is claiming estimated availability on 9 Jan for this light per their delayed shipment email.

The low is nowhere low enough for me.

I don’t see this one as any competition to the Preon 2. Add a sub-lumen level and a high CRI tint, and it could be interesting.

I really like the physical design, but XQ-E? I would have liked to see a neutral white XP-L.

looks nice. does it get memory mode? looking forward to the reviews.

Thanks for the links to sellers. I am still considering if I should make the purchase. :slight_smile:

Battery Junction emailed me a shipment notification for the MT06 Friday morning so I expect it about Tuesday or so.

Please, share your toughts and pics, please.

The MT06 arrived. The nose is the same diameter as the old Fenix LD05 but it is about an inch shorter overall and the center diameter is stepped down from the ends. Beam very similar shape to the LD05 too but the hot spot is much brighter on high, much greater Lux output. Hot spot also much smaller and brighter than the Olight O’Pen so the MT06 should be the champion throw pen light. Physically about 1/2” shorter than the O’Pen. Same weight as the Olight at 45-46 grams with Eneloop batteries installed. The Fenix is 67 Grams with the same batteries so considerably heavier as well as bulkier overall. The light head or nose piece screws off for changing batteries like the LD05. The Olight comes apart in the middle for battery changes.

No memory, it always comes on in low. Reverse clickey for turn-on but a partial depression and release when on switches modes. Full switch depression from on turns the light off.

For most uses I like the O’Pen with it’s 3 modes and large hot spot more for most uses. To me a nicer shape with it’s tapered body and multiple colors available. If you need a pen light with some throw available though the Nitecore is the way to go IMO.

No visible separate bezel on the MT06 so disassembly is going to have to be done from the back of the head which is female threaded for attachment to the light body. There is lockout or mode change available via head loosening and tightening.

Male body threading the head attaches to is .75mm pitch with a major diameter of 12.77mm.

How is the tint?

Definitely cool tint. The Olight is more of a neutral tint to my eye, considerably warmer.