New post: 3 more Defiants further reduced at Home Depot!

The triple XP-G2 1000 lumen goes from $27.00 to $16.98

The 300 lumen twin pack, 4AAA, goes to $9.98

And the big head 51 LED 4AA goes from an already reduced price of $9.00 to $3.98

A buddy got a 1000 for me. None were avaiable locally.

Oh, Sweet J**** Just send me a couple of everything and STOP TEASING all of us who can't get them!

Sorry, had to vent there......

EDIT: I probably would not buy most any of them anyhow, cept maybe the 3up. I was just playin.

there’s a home depot relatively close that has the 1000-lumen in stock.

Might have to go get one. I already bought and copper-braided a Defiant 3D 650-lumen, but for $18 I need that triple XP-G2. If I didn’t have a reason to invest in some Tenergy’s…I probably will tomorrow. :smiley:

Not on the floor and not on sale. Our HD took everything off the floor after the holiday.

Did you ask them to look up items you were interested in? I know my store had a few of the items off the floor and on the very top shelf behind the orange plastic fence stuff. They showed up in their older DOS or w/e inventory system. They weren’t very happy about having to look up items using it though. :smiley:

Not for the sale pricing that some other store has. Already asked about that.


Maybe they’ll hit you guys in a week or so. My store in IL seems to be a bit behind east coast sales.

wish they would go for that price here in Canada Home Depots, especially the 1000 lumen model…

That’s right, these 3 lights in this post were just reduced this morning. They are all gone now, and it wasn’t I that bought all of them.

OL, you are familiar with all 3. I remember you modded them all early on. Of these last 3, my favorite one, as it is stock, is the 300 lumen. It runs very nicely with a single uprotected 18650 sleeved in a tube. The only thing I don’t like about it is the hollow pill. The so called 1000 lumen triple is not even as bright as the 3D.

BTW, OL, don’t feel bad that I had the bad luck on the Securitylng lights. Luck seems to have away of evening things out it seems. My local home depot sold next to nothing as far as the Black Friday and Christmas tools and lights went. So few in fact that I was afraid that they would pull the whole lot and not put them on clearance. I was lucky.


Old Lumens said that the tailcap reading was 4.5 amps. Divided between three aluminum-based XP-G2’s, that should deliver 1000 lumens, or at least enough to be brighter than the 3D 650.

Are they liquidating? Newer vversion or just getting rid of defiant brand altogether? Great prices though.

I think they contracted a run of products for a particular cycle of time, that cycle is up, they have more product coming in, and they need to move what they have.

They change models every year with the Defiant brand. They just need to wake up and bring the Defiant thrower back.

Maybe we get a Defiant Super Tactical Hyper Thrower, 3D xml2 u3 with 75mm head this year.

So I bought a bunch of the 3D XM-L2 with the help of a Famous BLF member, and I bought a bunch of the 3 xp-g2s, and 4, 2pks of the 300lm xp-g2s, and — what blew me away, the 9.98 Double Pks of the 300lm xp-g2s Definitely a surprise …definitely a surprise …