New Qidian/qd multi-use power banks

I’m looking for opinions on these new power banks, specifically the model range QD184~~…, QD185~~…, QD186-…, QD188…

Have a look here, this page contains links to other models as well: 25.54€ |Qd 186 5V 2A LCD USB Mobile Universal Power Bank Box Rechargeable 18650 Battery Charger Power Supply for iPad iPhone 6 Samsung|charger dell|charger giftscharger stand for ipad - AliExpress

I think they look very interesting. Unfortunately I haven’t found a shop that sells them where I could use paypal. I already requested them at Fasttech some weeks ago but I don’t think they will get them.

You may have your reasons but it's hard to figure out why you'd spend $23 on an empty power box when for about the same price (for another few days) you could get two complete, fully functional Xiaomi 10000 banks here:

You may have your reasons but it’s hard to figure out why you would post a useless reply when a quick look at the feature set of the suggested power banks would have shown you that these power banks are not comparable to the xiaomi 1 trick pony. Even the thread title contains ‘multi use’.

I would rather get a high efficiency power bank and use a separate dedicated USB Volt/Amp meter. Specs shows this power bank needs to be calibrated to show correct capacity, this means the numbers are not taken real time like an USB power meter would do.

I have bought many many power banks this type in the past and never end up really using them.

The xiaomi powerbanks are indeed unbelievable good price for the value and a good hint in my eyes…
Interesting items.
The power banks with adjustable voltage could come in handy for some applications…
The price is a no go for me, I would only consider buying below 10$…

Why don’t you order a credit card? You only need the ability to write your name :wink:

And there is no way it could be different. There is no way for the bank to know the real live capacity. No USB power meter could do that in real time neither.

Oh no, another one pointing me at the 1 port trick pony, of which I already own some.

Ah at last someone actually took a look! :smiley:
I don’t want to order a CC just to be able to buy on AE. I think they don’t come for free as my paypal account did, do they (germany)?

That’s actually pretty cool. I like the idea of adjustable voltage for charging other things like laptops. If it was a little cheaper, or I used my laptop a lot more when away from a plug I’d probably try one out. Heck, I may anyway.

Get a prepaid credit card if they have them where you live, should be cheap and it will prevent anyone getting a hold of a real credit card number that is tied to you in any other way (like to bank accounts or personally identifiable information).

oops. Sorry.

I really shouldn't be posting to these forums in the middle of the night when I'm clearly tired and not paying attention. Somehow I completely missed the additional features it but looking at it now it certainly does look like an interesting unit.

I hope if you get one you can do a review for us.