New Release Lumintop AD01 Compact Long Range Flashlight

The New Lumintop AD01 flashlight can be powered via three battery types: A single Li-ion 18650 battery, 1 x D cell, or 3 x AA cells (Ni-MH or Alkaline). This offers a degree of versatility few flashlights accommodating the different battery options.

Power levels range from a 1 lumen moonlight up to a powerful 1200 lumens in Turbo (18650), with AA Ni-MH able to provide a top level of 950lm, AA Alkaline 750lm, and a single 1.5V D battery with 165lm.

Using high quality aluminum body with deep grooves to help heat dissipation, the AD01 is rated to IP68 for use in all weather conditions, drop tested to 1.5 metres. Size is well suited as a general purpose flashlight, with a modest footprint of 42mm x 39mm x 116mm, and a weight of 165g (no battery)

Here is the more detail

Interesting, I wonder if a 32650 Li-ion cell can fit, I think they can go up to 8000mah.

If it had Anduril UI it would be an instant hit.

This light strikes me as an updated Cyclone C88 from long ago.

32650 is not okay, its size won’t fit in

$95.99? I ran over to the Lumintop site and ordered it for $65.

Thank you for turning me onto it though. Didn’t Lumintop use to have a light similar to this? Took AA and D cells. Don’t think it took 18650.

$65 is a limited-time discount price for new products, and it has been adjusted to the discount price now