[New Released] Olight Arkfeld UV Light Or Green Laser; Which one do you pick?

Hi BLF Members, :grinning:
We have just released the new Arkfeld UV. Let’s check out some differences between them!

In response to the feedback and suggestions from fans after Arkfeld was launched, the UV version has been improved as follows:

  1. Anti-slip design is added on both sides of the barrel
  2. The size of the tail is reduced, and the volume is smaller
  3. Brand new clip design
  4. A lanyard hole is added, which can be used with a hand strap.

And more:

Olight March St. Patrick’s Day Sale – Arkfeld UV is on promoting from 3/14 20:00 EDT - 3/16 23:59 EDT
Sale Price Only $59.98
<A Free Safety Light --Gober-- for All Customers!>

Do you prefer the Green Laser version or the UV version?

  • Arkfeld – Green Laser
  • Arkfeld – UV

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What else is different? leave your ideas in the comment. :point_down:

I’ll dig up that thread to add two things I’d really like to see changed on that flashlight now that I am using reglarly it as secondary EDC :
1/ Change that locking pattern from 1 hold to 4 clicks.
2/ Offer a high CRI NW version of the light, I would rather prefer a high CRI high quality emitter like a Nichia 519A (I’d be willing to pay extra for that), than high power low CRI emitter.

I would have preferred a 14500 or at least a user serviceable battery pack, but that is less important that the two above.