[New + Review] YLP Unicorn 1.0 (1x18650, LH351D, backlit side switch, magnetic tail, TIR lens, ramping)

Nice flashlight, such a better Olight S2 :smiley:

Good job, Inferion!

More photos:

Great size comparison!

Cracked the bezel open and filed down the 2 legs of the optic cup down, it wasn’t sitting square to the mcpcb and allowing the optic to engage the emitter pad, now all my rings are perfectly spaced… spot is more centered instead of cantered/off center like it originally was…

Machined the switch guard flat just need to buff on the wheel to a mirror finish, 1200grit finish for now…

Much much better for me now….

Now to find a decent clip to mount to the tail cap opposite the switch…

Very smart. Any accidental pocket activations yet?

Won’t know until I actually EDC it… looking for a clip to mount first…I throw the clip on clips into the garbage…… can’t stand them…

This? E-switch UI Development / FSM
I’ve wanted to divide the system part and UI for a long time, so that UI could be written in C and uploaded as application in the binary form. However, I still don’t know, how to implement it in high-level programming languages, where you can’t just point at resources that compiler and linker have the rights to utilize. It is possible to write the system part on Assembly, with loader and API, which calls the UI function with the frequency of the main cycle (60 or 100Hz). But how to write application software in C for this? So that the compiler wouldn’t use registers used in interrupts, so that it wouldn’t try to initialize the stack, etc. It’s easier with Memory: you can explain to the linker where and what to put, but with the core…
Do you have any ideas on this?

I just set mine up for UI 2 - smooth ramping w/switch LED always ON - looks like my favorite. Also I like the smooth brightness control for all transitions, both to ON and to OFF, as well as all mode switching. All around this is a lot of features for the money. Really like your switch mod, KB, and the trits - I'll see if I can attempt them.

The smooth ramping is decent - overall time is reasonable, not too long - nice job on it!!

Mine came in yesterday. Love the design, form factor, and the ramping UI. My LH351D has some tint shift/noticeable green in the corona, but I don’t notice it in real world usage. Definitely better than Cree and also not as green as some SST-20s I’ve seen (although the FW3A SST-20s look nicer.)

My only issue with it is sometimes when on after ramping, a single click will not turn the light off. I guess it’s treating the single click as potentially the start of a “hold.” I have to wait a full second after any ramping in order for a single click to turn the light off. A little annoying, but I’ll get used to it.

Is Skilhunt (or whoever their OEM is, if they use an OEM) making this light? It reminds me of the H03, especially the switch, although thank goodness it isn’t long press for off (which is intolerable IMO.)

That’s funny, I thought the design looked very similar to Acebeam. I guess we’ll never know!

And I’ve noticed the same with a single click after ramping.

That single click after ramping will do a little “bump” in the opposite direction you ramped, in case you overshot the brightness you wanted.

It’s mentioned in the advanced manual but not the included one IIRC.

I’ve only tried it briefly, but I like it. I don’t anticipate any pocket-activation for me, as I clip to the pocket. I think even KB’s will have a very hard time misfiring. They did a good job there. (Hank, are you taking notes?)

Totally unnecessary function, IMO. Besides, great UI :slight_smile:

I just ordered mine. This (to me) is an interesting new light. I am over all of the multi-emitter, catch-your-pants-on-fire, wall of light, pocket rockets. I want something small with a more focused beam and a ramping UI.

I’ve been looking for a successor to my sc62w.

The button on this is both recessed and stiff. It ticks a lot of the boxes I had on my list of what might be good. While the 62 was nice and compact I wished it was a bit longer to fit my hands better when using the light. I wear a size 12 glove. I also wanted a beam with a bit more throw and was thinking a tir optic might do the trick without getting too long.

I have yet to run it through my usual tests other than some dark room white wall comparisons. Tint is nice. The ui is very practical. The knurling is very well done.
That being said while it feels good in the hand is going to tear up pants long term. Also clip on clips are not my favorite. Machining is really nice Asia the anodizing, but my sample the tube is clicked and the y shape in the knurling didn’t line up with the head.

It’s a very nice light for the money.

I like that it can be configured, so mine is: 3 click - battery check, 4 click - lock out, similar to Anduril.

Long exposure pictures, side button is not as bright:

I have to say, the recessed switch on this light has basically ruined less pocket friendly side switch EDC lights for me.

I used a cloth and pliers. Room temperature. No damage to the finish.
Now I’m waiting impatiently for a 5 degree yajiamei I bought here: http://s.aliexpress.com/RjI3iuiE (Thanks Anthon!)

I hv just ordered the Unicorn 1.0. Would like to know if the strobe or beacon brightness can be adjusted? Or they would just flash at max power? Also the manufacturer runtime is based on which capacity batt?

Does anyone have a good US-based source for the 5mm yajiamei optic? I really like my Unicorn but the beam is a little ugly, ringy with green tint shift in the corona. Hoping a new optic will help. I don’t want to spend $3.50 for a .30 cent part and wait a month for the slow boat if I can avoid it. Or if anyone has one to spare I can take it off your hands for a few bucks!

Have you reviewed Zebralights?