NEW !! See last post on Driver Issue: Response from T-Mart HD2010..The Good & The Bad.

Good: I got in on the initial group buy and ordered one of the No-Name models.

Good: Apparently they (Tmart in China) ran out of black and sent me a GRAY. yehhh oK, nice color!

Good: Has Cree XML U2 Led. On silver board.

Bad: I should have realized something was wrong when I saw that the SOS was actually correct. Not the East92 Driver. And worse, it has next mode memory only. Does not start on high every time, just next mode that it memorizes. Sux.

Bad: Only draws 3 amps off of an ICR KingKong. POS Driver.

And I know, It needs copper star. But wish I would have at least got the east92 driver to work with. At least I got one on my first ordered HD2010 from Tmart in USA.

Yep, just like Old-Lumens alluded to, leave it to the Chinese and they'll FKit up some how.

So, I got a great host..but not the driver that it should have.


Well that is a huge bummer… guess they finally ran out of the old East-092 stock?

IIRC fasttech recently restocked their East-092 drivers. I can’t recall if the new stock was the desired DD or not though. I know several people raided FT’s stock pretty hard.

on which day was your light shipped?
before or after the “restock” ?

2014-03-22 11:04:50 Waiting Your payment has been received, your order is being processed.
2014-03-22 11:05:39 Processing no record
2014-03-26 03:30:35 Back Order no record
2014-03-27 20:10:13 Packing no record
2014-03-27 22:58:13 Shipped

I am afraid to get also a bad one :frowning:

I got a bunch of East-092's and some have next mode memory, some don't, some have 1/2 a$$ next mode - meaning it does time out eventually.

I don't get it - XML U2 on silver board? XML's have green around them, XM-L2's have silver? Also, I sure can't tell the diff between an XML T6 and XML U2 - how do you know it's an XML U2? If it's an XM-L2, you lucked out! If you are getting 3A, maybe not so bad with a XM-L2. HD2010's lose a ton of amps on the tailcap spring - copper braid/wire it and should make a big difference. Also, copper braid/wire the driver spring - also big difference. I'm think'n 3A is too high for the bad regulated driver - you probably have a DD anyway. Can't see from the pic, but the East-092 is labeled on the spring side but your pic doesn't show that side.

I got a no name HD2010 in the group buy shipped from China and it has a labeled East-092 and XML T6 LED - typical HD2010's.

Exactly what I predicted |( a$$holes…

I think I got the same grey one. Also, VOB's copper pill doesn't fit, ~1.1mm smaller diameter so it just falls into the head.


Definitely an XM-L2, though.

wow - VOB's HD2010 copper? Oh boy, never heard of that before. Now I gotta check all mine out. That was at least one thing you could depend on was the HD2010's shell being consistent... Guess they gave you an XM-L2 to make up for the rest.... Weird...

My Tangsfire HD2010 from the Tmart USA warehouse did come with what looks like an East-092 driver but it’s flaky- only draws about 1A max and has terrible PWM on all modes including high.
My Tangsfore C8 also from Tmart USA warehouse probably has an East-092 driver (not gonna open it up and look cuz it works great), which draws over 3 amps and has a 10 second mode memory. If you leave it off for 10 seconds it will reset to high, otherwise it just switches to the next mode.
I’d prefer about 1 or 2 seconds, but I can live with 10. At least I don’t have to cycle through the disco modes.

Edit. Both my HD2010 and my C8 have East-092 drivers. The one in my C8 works great. The one in my HD2010 is flaky.

I'm just a dummy I guess and believe everything I read. It looks like a U2 and it's printed U2, maybe it's a U2? LOL

The spring side of the driver has no markings. This is a generic driver of sort.

Shipped March 28. Received today.

Mine was shipped at the same day, so now I know what to expect… :frowning:

It's not a bad light. It's just not what was presented for the Group Buy.

They sent Old-Lumens 3 versions all with east92's and then they turn around and send this noname driver bastard. Chinese FireDrill up the YingYang.

Ok I'm threw bitchin'. I'll live with it and move on.

So basically a ripp-off then ?

I'll let you be the judge. My post #11 sez it all.

I just received mine yesterday. Exactly the same crappy driver as this one. Swapped it out with a fet based driver.

Goodness… wth…

Best bet is it's a XM-L2 T6. This is clearly an XM-L2 and is labeled on the star XML U2. The manufacturers are the dummies - used a pre-labeled generic star to mount whatever they want on it. Still, the XM-L2 is still much better than what we signed up for -- an XML T6.

What I think is happening is the XM-L2 T6's have come down in price, or they just ran out of XML T6's and switched over to what they had on-hand. The driver - well, like others said, probably ran out of the East-092 labeled drivers. I've gotten plenty of other DD drivers though, not labeled East-092 and behave and perform the same as East-092's.

I have some other $7 crappy C8, their drivers are not East-092 but they are direct drive on high mode. Even if it is not labelled as “East-092” as long as it is true direct drive on high then it’s all the same.

I don't believe it is direct drive. Barely pulls 3 amps on KingKong unprotected. I know the xml u2 is more efficient and would pull less. However, the crappy driver with the horrendous next mode memory crap I can't stand. If you want to start on high, you have to turn it off in SOS mode. What an idiot driver.. Just peeved that I have to purchase another driver to get where I want to go when the east092 would have been all I needed.

And oh, I sent them a message complaining about it, so they send me a response restating that it had been shipped ,, gave me the tracking number,,,yadda yadda....really? Are these people that stupid or just faking it not wanting to deal with it. Done.

They don't want to hear, or just simply don't understand the English language. My HD2010 came in the box, and the box in the no-frills bag. The box was completely crushed, the light half hanging out of it, the lanyard ripped, and there was this white dust crap over everything inside the bag -- weird. So the packaging had no protection for the goods whatsoever, no bubble wrap, nothing...