New Sofirn SP33 V3 !!

Is there any information or review yet on the new SP33 V3 ?

The main differences I see so far are:

  • the addition of built-in USB (type C) charging
  • the significantly increased peak brightness from 2500 to 3500 lumens
  • the different stainless steel bezel/head design

It’s not often a seller writes “Do not order” :smiley:

The listing classifies its battery type as 18650, but the product listing offers only “25560” battery purchase option as its “Emitting color”. :smiley: I hope it maintains the V2’s ability to use both 18650 and 26650.

I’m new to fancy lights (my only light is a Sipik SK68 with AA, which I still quite like for for it is), and don’t have any Sofirn yet, but this new SP33 and the SP40 are now on my wishlist. The USB charging seems particularly practical.

Can’t wait to learn more about it!

They recently announced it :slight_smile: But I think sofirn is a little late with it… cause the astrolux ec01 basically does all the same things and is cheaper

The new SP33 V3 features:

  • XHP50.2 3V (6.000 - 6.500K) instead of XHP50.2 6V (6.000 - 6.500K)
  • Subsequently, it uses an FET driver instead of a boost driver
  • It outputs 3.500lm instead of 2.500lm (like SP33 V2)
  • USB-C port
  • 21700 support
  • much better UI with better stepped modes (e.g. moonlight with 1lm) and ramping mode
  • new advanced temperature regulation (ATR) without timed stepdown
  • smart heat control (brightness will step again if temperature decreases)

I like the styling of the SP33 much more than the EC01 but EC01 has the “advantage” of being a more compact 21700. Also for muggles, the SP33 has a much simpler fool proof UI. Everytime I lend my Anduril flashlights to muggles, they always end up in some blinky operations.

I modded the SP33v2 with 4xE21A and the tint was magnificent. Does anyone know if the SP33 uses 3v or 6v XHP50.2?

SP33 V2 uses the 6V version (incl. boost driver) and SP33 V3 uses the 3V version (incl. FET driver).

The new version V3 supports 26650, 21700 and 18650 batteries.

@Lux-Perpetua Thanks for those details! This forum is better than the product descriptions.

@RobinVC Where did they announce? I searched before posting but didn’t find anything. Great point on the Astrolux EC01, that is also a contender. The regular pricing seems pretty similar except that the EC01 is on sale now at BangGood. Another difference is the EC01 has an 5000K option.

@SKV89 Anduril as an open-source third-party firmware sounds really cool to play with, but as a muggle myself I like simplicity. The SP40’s UI seems perfect to me if it just added a moonlight mode accessible from off, plus maybe a nice “breathing” mode like the SC31(b).

IIRC the 6000K+ doesn’t have the tint rainbow like the NW emitters - wish NW was a bit nicer :frowning:

Please find the SP33 V3 manual on my sharepoint here:

I’m in their group on facebook, saw it there. But there is also a sofirn development forum post, might’ve seen it mentioned there as well.

How many amps is this thing pushing through the led?

And Why is the switch so abysmally…

Sofirn’s 26650 HD battery has too much voltage sag to even get close to 3500 lumens. Best to order the SP33 V3 without a battery and get something better. Even Sofirn’s 21700 has heaps of sag at 15A.

I regard the SP33 as a near perfect muggle light.
If the UI is similar, the built in charging will make it even better.

Am I the only one that is more happy with the older boost driver due to the more even output regulation vs FET? Also assuming PWM on the new driver?

Correct, but i prefer the quality and service of Sofirn
If only their design department could come up with more attractive designs though…

Yes, their designs are very plain. The IF25 looks terrible

I agree with you )

Slightly OT: I like the 26650 option as the greater diameter of the battery tube feels much better. Really hope to see such lights in the future, even after 26650 will be abandoned.

Nope, same here. I would've took the boost driver with the new UI changes, but.. ordered one regardless.

I also don't like the 150LM Low in the stepped mode, but that is passable, as I'll only be using ramping anyways. Still bugs me why they've chosen again such bright Low level.. :|


The TK70 levels are 1, 600, 1500, 2800, 6500. No Ramping. The low of 600 is way too high also.

1, 600.. Low.. Oh well.. :|