New Solarforce M8

Ok link to picture or front page

xm-l t6 18650 cr123 etc

but no price yet from any of the dealers :( Also has a double texture reflector, orange peel deep inside moving to smooth for the rest.

Looks good

Nice pick up ... Looks interesting ...

That looks very cool and very expensive.

Now that's something different in reflector design. I just built a dual 18650 light in a TR-1200 body and even a OP 52mm reflector shoots a tight (not a pinpoint shooter but throws really better than >40mm lights) beam. This advanced reflector design should give something even better. I were thinking of getting a Masterpiece Pro one day and this can be a way better pick for me.

Squidboy you beat me to it !! I was just about to post this myself after seeing the post on facebook.

Looks like a very nice light but i agree with fishinfool looks very expensive


That looks very cool and very expensive.


Yeah it doesn't look like it's going to be cheap does it...bah! :P

I wonder if the beam will be odd with the lines separating the textured and smooth parts of the reflector...

Apparently it's going to be sub $100, but I suspect not by much.

M8 is on pre-order by today on for $85.99.

Another "I want one" light.

Free one anyone? :)

I'll be happy to tell you where to send it :)

Looks great - unfortunately too rich for my blood.

So is this 780 O.T.F lumens? So who's our guinea pig gonna be?

Whoever sends me a free one! :P

Way to take one for the team Don!

Send it to:


PO Box 10113

Hilo, HI. 96720