New Solarforce Owner

Just got my new Solarforce L2P and loving it so far. Got a package deal with SF 3 mode XM-L2 U2 drop-in. So far I am really liking it, but have to come up with a better way to carry it, either a pocket clip or holster (open to suggestions). Previously carried a Defiant 1xAA with clip.
My cheapo 18650 charger recently died, so just ordered an Xtar VP1 from E2 Field Gear (via amazon).
Have used unprotected 18650’s in my 200mW laser so had some on hand already.
Have been browsing this forum and the “other one” for a few weeks…
Thanks for the good info!

If you like a lanyard (they suit my carry style better than a clip) then I can recommend this seller. He has a sales thread on that other forum as well as the ebay listing, I recently bought two titanium ones, he does stainless steel as well, if it’s a pocket clip then there’s the Solarforce one, I’m sure there are others but I haven’t looked for them.
The Solarforce L2 range are very good at a very good price but beware they can be addictive. There are just so many options with them. :bigsmile:
Welcome to BLF by the way.

Welcome to BLF Jaidmaster! If you like SF stuff you may want to search BLF for reviews by Foy. Caution is needed however - you can end up owning more of them than you really need! :slight_smile:

Yes, the Foy reviews are what pushed me in this direction. :smiley:

Speak for yourself! I NEED all 13 that I own, accessory heads, lantern adaptors, extenders, tailcaps, bezels and more…

Otherwise, why would I have bought them all…?!

Good luck with the Solarforce, I have my eye on a T2 but am waiting for a deal due to limited budget. Solarforce sells carrying cases on their site which might be an option for you. If interested, you can email them and ask which one is the best fit for your light. Once again good luck, Ed.

You’ll find it hard to beat the L2P as a host, price wise and quality as well. That drop in you got is good, I found the tint not to my liking and the beam a bit too floody. So I put an XP-G2 R5 2B on a 16mm Noctigon pcb, swapped em out and now have a much tighter beam with roughly the same or a bit higher output.

Solarforce makes some pretty neat looking holsters for these, but I have yet to get one. Try a nylon knife holster or something of the sort from WalMart.

And Welcome, to BLF! :slight_smile:

Does that make me addicted? These itty bitty L2m’s are addictive, for sure, as are the S2200 and K3, and M8, and M3 and P1D and Lantern and……:slight_smile:

I don’t have a solarforce but the xpower holster for smaller 18650 lights from fasttech is a nice piece of kit, I keep my pocket knife in the battery sleeve.

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Aaaaand another Solarforce-pic and again the middle part does not match de tail. Great work, SF…

Not a problem. The machining and anodizing on the S2200, the M8, the K3, the M3, the Gold L2P, the Grey L2P, the Blue L2P the Charcoal P1D and the others that came as a unit all match up perfectly. Nobody could do it better. At any price.

Shelf queens they’d make, users they are.

Wait? A grey one that actually DOES match up? Do you have a pic of it? I haven´t seen one before.

The grey one does indeed have an ever so slightly darker tail cap! The Blue one does as well! The gold one is perfect, as are the S2200, K3, and M8. The M3 is pieces parts. The head came well after the L2P body and the tail cap with SS crown came even after the head. So yeah, the 3 pieces aren’t absolutely the exact same black.

I either haven’t noticed the grey and blue ones before or have totally forgotten, you have to have em in bright light to see it.

I stand corrected. Solarforce sucks! I think we should get em at discounted prices from here on out!

Oh, well, we kinda do already….

I agree, rubbish they are, and anybody that wants rid of the nasty, sucky, uncoordinated rubbish should send them to me for disposal. :bigsmile:

Let O-L paint them all. No more tonality issues.

You’re one lucky guy Jaidmaster!


Thanks for signing up, Jaidmaster!