NEW--SolarStorm 5xCREE XM-L T6 4x18650 3000-Lumen Super Power Flashlight

I'd rather see turbo high, med, low.

Keep high as is, turbo being 2.5+

I'd rather see memory mode , no PWM , low > med > high > turbo and hidden blink modes if possible

Hi Ric. Do you have any internal shots to see the driver, pill, heatsinking, etc?

I agree, 2+amps per LED, low>mid>hi>turbo and mode memory is win for me :)


The looks suggest high output. Nothing more disappointing than under-driven XMLs.



The looks suggest high output. Nothing more disappointing than under-driven XMLs.



Even 1.8A to the LED is good for me. According to the LED calculator xls, that'd be about 2800 lumens OTF. 2A will get you to 3000 lumens OTF.

Not sure how the components would hold up though. :p

let's push it to the 2,7A per led :D LOL

Would definitely be interested in a custom batch driven harder.


Thanks for doing this Ric...

Definitely interested in a BLF-custom model. I was one of the members who got scammed on the ebay SR-King, so DEFINITELY count me in. I would be perfectly happy with highest mode around 1.4-2A per LED. (I for one am a fan of output moderation and thermal management). If you can eliminate the disco-SOS-flasher modes that will be GREAT!! A simple LO-MED-HI works great, or maybe LO-MED-HI-TURBO.

Also, can you work with your supplier so they program the lower mode PWM at a high frequency? Thats one thing I dont like about my TR-J12, it has a PWM set to 122 Hz, and its too low, easily visible.

Thanks for doing this!!! I'm interested.

I wasn't going to go for this one, but if we can get a higher power driver and better IU, I'm in on it.

Higher power driver and better IU,

Definitely Interested

Agreed. Low PWM frequency gives me a headache!

The way the light was originally offered no way, I'll stick with my King. BUT if Ric is really going to hot rod this thing and put together a custom batch for a group buy then I'll definitely take one. All I really need is Low-Med-OMG, forget the strobe.

1) XM-L's driven at >2.5A each.

2) A sixth LED in the wasted center.

3) Tail switch is ludicrous for a light with a handle. Some kind of arrangement that a switch could be remoted to the handle, or make it a side switch.

4) High, Medium, low, hidden strobe.

Then, maybe I'd take one. Only maybe... I'm broke anyway.


Oh, yeah... BTW... the Skyray King in black or dark gray would sell like hotcakes. Ric, are you listening??


Sample with 1.8A and 2A Per Emitter will be ready next week. Will post here if any news.



Ric Rocks!

Nice, looking forward to the 2A version, if it's good i will get one (after a long absence in buying lights!).

2A per emitter OMG....

I still think it could and should be driven harder. Even at 2A (10A total) it might not be as bright as the DRY on Turbo (or possibly even the King) and not worth spending the cash on. If I didn't already have a DRY or King I'd be interested but without a center LED (just looks wrong with that wasted spot in the middle) and greater amps I will be passing on this. Lots of potential though and I hope someday it evolves more. Many like it as it is so it will still sell.