NEW--SolarStorm 5xCREE XM-L T6 4x18650 3000-Lumen Super Power Flashlight

Hello guys,

Now i introduce you a new nice 5xT6 BIG Flashlight.

SolarStorm 5xCREE XM-L T6 4x18650 3000-Lumen Super Power Flashlight

Purchase link:



Dimensions:150MM(L)*70MM(Head)*50MM (Body)
Torch Weight: 500 gram
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum; Grey color
Emitter: 5 x CREE T6 1A / 5x T6 3C Neutral White
Lumens: 2500~3000 lumens (manufatory rated)
Powered by 4x 18650 (not included)
Modes : High>Mid>Lo>Strobe>SOS
Switch: Tail cap click switch
With stailess Steel handbar

Any question please feel free to ask.

Best Regards to you all.


Upgraded version with higher current:

Ric, how many amps are each LED driven? What size is each reflector?

I would love to see some beamshots,that would make all the difference to me as to the area it lights up.thanks.

Beamshots would be great. Also for the handle could you confirm that it can be removed?

+1 on the above.

A couple of other things:

Would like only high, med, low or just high/low modes.

Reflectors are a bit small - seem to be a waste of space in the head. I'm guessing this is mostly a floody beam. It would be nice to make the light a little longer and use wider+deeper reflectors for better throw.

Even so, I think this is a nice looking torch. Love the black!

Over the past couple of weeks I've really come to love my King, more then I originally thought I would. I don't think the bigger head or longer body of the SolarStorm would bother me but that handle and the lip around the tail cap that the handle is attached to would have to go. I think I'd have to see beam shots comparing the King and the SolarStorm before I'd be tempted.

Ordered. NW, of course.

Make sure you post when you get it. :)

Sure. Maybe even a full review with beamshots. (Unless midnight sun spoils my plans :bigsmile: )

Can't wait.

NW all the way, baby. It's nice to have that option.

Please report back.

around 1.2A to 1.4A per LED, Current Regulation. I will measure the reflector size when i get to my office.

Beam pattern of Solarstorm is very nice.



Will upload the beamshot soon.

The handle is removeable.



If 1.4A to each LED, the total output lumen of the 5 XM-L will be more or less same as TR-J12?

Around the same.

It's less bright than J12. So i think the total current is 5.5A to 6A.

If there are enough interests, we can custom-make a batch, Current upgrade to 1.5A with 3-mode UI, High-mid-Lo.


I think we should do that, and do a group buy on the site for it.

I think driven properly this would be a very popular light, at present it's just an okay one.

Now you're talking Ric! Don't be afraid to bump them up to 1.6 to 2.0- as much as you can squeeze.

I love the look of this light- really meant for business- but it's output needs to match it's looks... I'll be in for a special batch if you can deliver. Which you usually do mate!

Should be pushed to at least 2A each (10A total) since the King easily handles 10A and this has the same design but bigger head for more mass and surface area to dissapate heat. 1.5-1.6A per LED just does not interest me.

Agreed 2+amps per LED please, hi-med-low with v.high/no PWM also :)