New Sony 1400mah 17670's, [bulk], $1.76ea for 10, $2.27ea for 5

DISCLAIMER - I make no claim to be knowledgeable about Lion cells, quality, etc. I just happened across this and it seemed to be a pretty good deal. Judge for yourself :)

Sony 1400mah 17670. Batteries are new, part of a cancelled order for packs that was dissembled and is being sold parted out.
Price drops significantly in bulk orders. Price is $1.10 per battery + Shipping.
Shipping is $5.25 for first one, and only goes up $0.15 cents per cell. So shipping for ten cells would only be $6.60.

without tabs:

with tabs:

I'm thinking I may pick up half a dozen and make an "external" battery pack for my laptop. :)

I picked up 10 of these to use in a couple cheap packs I needed to build.

Of the 10:

3 arrived reading less than 100mv in them, IDK if I can restore them.
2 arrived reading 1.1v
2 arrived reading 2.5v
3 arrived reading 3.1v+

Physically, the battery is a little fatter than a protected AW 17670. It won't quite fit in a quark 123^2 tube, although the AW cell I have does fit.

I havn't decided yet if I'll try to charge the really dead ones or just toss them. $40 charger gone if one bursts, or $3.50 in batteries... HMMMMMM

Why don't you try contacting the seller?

I could... haven't decided yet if it tops the "is it worth the effort" scale...

I'd give it a shot. If you decide not to and want to get rid of them I'll take them off your hands. :P