New Stainless 18650 Cree R2 light from Aurora at KD

Hey there, for all you 18650 users, you might find this light interesting, appears to be new:

Cree R2, 3-mode, stainless steel, looks pretty nice. They already sell a similar SH-032 at DX, but it has a Q3-WC.

but the engraving on the head says R2. I'm inclined to believe the engraving as it is as bright as the other R2s I have. KD is a little cheaper though - about 80 cents less than I paid at DX.

Just noticed I'd never got around to putting up the beamshots in my review. They're up now taken at the alternate test range. Come the better weather I'll try for the second alternate test range where there are lots of trees and a long line of sight down the track.

Oh, that's right, I remember reading that in your review now. Sorry about the memory lapse!

There ought to be quite a few XP-G R5 lights (not just P60 dropins which are, I presume, easier to design) coming soon. I imagine that supplies of the LED are the issue. These should give heaps of light at moderate currents leading to excellent runtimes. At a rough guess you could get 140-150 (Say 100 lumens making it past the lens) lumens for two hours assuming a fairly inefficient driver from a single AA. At that current you shouldn't have much heat to tame so the body can be made of just about anything that will conduct some heat.

Nice......Dont worry Don im still getting one.