New surface treatment for aluminum

Wow, I just saw this thread about a new smart phone, and the company developed a new high voltage surface treatment called "Micro Arc Oxidation". Check the video, it looks radical!

Should be much better than anodizing, and since they already use aircraft grade aluminium they could use this for flashlights too.

I wonder where the black colour comes from and if they can do others too.

3x stronger than Stainless steel which has about 100 variantions...... 5xtiems stronger than Aerograde aluminum .... which has about 10 strength variations.

These affirmations of this type are usually correct, but any variation can be chosen as a comparison.

Even now quality anodizing can be made, but it's not easy, and cannot be done for cheap. Also not even big brand are really honest with their anodizing rating.

They did reference 6000-series aluminum.

Yes,the 6000-series micro arc surface treated, but then they say this surface treatment is almost 5X stronger than aerospace aluminum, but don't say stronger than which one. The strength of any of them changes with the temper. If we take it that way the 7075 T6 is 4x stronger than 6061-O.