New Swedish webshop -

I noticed we have a couple of Swedish members here, so I would just like to introduce our webshop and give you a small offer:

My name is Andreas and I’m co-founder and head of operations at It’s a small company that me and my colleague run besides our day jobs. Our aim is to make some of the most price worthy EDC gadgets available to Sweden to begin with, and later we will take on Europe. In short words: We sell what we prefer to use.
We give you free shipping and short shipping times, and solid customer service and warranty.

Since we are starting small we can’t blow your mind with any superdeals, yet. But you got to start somewhere, right?

So every BLF member who orders and leaves us a comment at check-out with their BLF username will get a free JETBeam nylon holster with their JETBeam flashligt order (Example comment: BLF:Andreas@EDC).

Swedish customers only at this point, sorry.

As we grow, our offers to you will grow. I hope I’m not offending the community with this small start-up offer.


Looking forward to this moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for introducing your shop Andreas! Looks really nice. All the best to you and your endeavor.

Thank you!

Let us know when you conquer Europe and move on to the US!

Oh please, you Americans already have bunch of good flashlight/survival gear dealers.

We, on the other hand, do not. :frowning:

I always root for the small businesses. Microsoft was small, once. It can happen! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

We can of course sell and ship to countries outside of Sweden today, but it will most likely be quite expensive shipping. If you want to find out what the shipping might be just send me an e-mail at:

I can today offer all BLF-members a coupon code that will get you 5% off all our flashlights and flashlights accessories:


You enter the code at the last checkout page.

Thanks again guys!

Since a spammer(?) lifted this thread I might add that the calculated shipping cost to customers in Europe is between 15-20€, depending on order size.

Would you be able to offer lower shipping rates to Europe via "normal letters", if customers would take on the risks themselves? I would be interested in a Swedish Mora Robust but, it's not sold in Germany right now. I would promise not to complain when it gets damaged or lost in the mail.

Hi Vectrex,

Bringing the Mora knives into our shop is definitely on our to-do list.

If you take all the risk we should be able to ship for between 3-6€, with an estimated shipping time of 9 days. I will have to look at the details when I have the Robust in my hand and can calculate size and weight. Is that low enough? If it is, I will try to speed up the process with Mora.

What you need to know though is that I will have to add the Swedish sales tax of 25% on the price of the Mora knives. I think you only have a 19% sales tax in Germany? So our price might not be as competitive. As soon as I get a response from Mora I will calculate the total price.

These high taxes and high shipping costs makes it hard to run a business in this country…

finally a EU store!
I hope you add the possibility to change the value to € and the english lenguage!

Thanks for the encouragement Budda! We are doing our best to work out shipping and translation for our site so we can expand into all of Europe. But it will take some time, we want to grow in a steady and stable pace so we can deliver the most excellent service to you.

Meanwhile, you can support us by joining our Facebook page. By doing so, you can follow our progress and learn som Swedish while doing so ;). And it also helps us with ranking on Google.

Our page:

I think that just translating the names of the sections, the name of the items and adding more values ($,£,€) it will be enough for collecting customers from everywere.

Take your time, it's not that urgent, but I'm still interested what would the final price with everything included would be. Those shipping rates sound great. I already own a Mora Clipper and a Mora 2000 and want to get a (non-stainless) carbon steel based Mora and I heard from several sides that the Robust is the one to get.

I will get back to you as soon as Mora has replied.

If you got the hands for it, the Robust seems very nice. My hands are too small to get a comfortable grip though.