New Test.. Trustfire 14650 1600mah lol battery

Hey everyone,

Well I was looking to do a custom project based on a 14650 battery. I wanted a ultra thin low draw pocket light with good capacity. I figured the extra capacity of the "1600mAh" 14650 would be worth the effort.

Tests where done on an icharger 106b+ I even did 5 charge discharge cycles on 2 batteries to see if it would go up any... no luck

Internal resistance measured 119mOhms

It measured 922mah at 3v cutoff .5A draw

You will also notice the label clearly states with PCB, well this battery is NOT protected in any way. I was really hoping for 1200-1300mah but no such luck. Its not really worth the effort when my trustfire flame 14500's come in at 800mah.

Xtar makes a "1200mah" 14650 but I figure it would come in at 1000-1100mah. Still not worth the effort of doing a custom light.

EDIT... These where bought at DX

I know this is an old thread but I bought some ’trust fires too, 18650’s…before i realised I had a box of scrap laptops cells…and they were all 18650’s

All you can trust about them is that they wont have the stated capacity and are likely to catch fire!

Mine were listed at 2400…they gave barely 900 on an iCharger 3010b