[NEW - Thrunite T2 vs T1] DAVID vs. GOLIATH ( Fun Visual Story )

:smiley: Hi guys, so Thrunite just released the T2 (21700, 3757 lumen, XHP 70.2, USB-C).
I have been EDC the T1 (18350,1500 lumens, XHP50) for a while. The pandemic got me so bored.

So here is the story of David vs. Goliath in 2020. Enjoy


Hope you like it. I might post a detail quick look on the Thunite T2 latter.

Reserved due to superstitious. :smiley:

Despite the specs on Thrunite website

After testing, I can confirm that the Thrunite T2 even works with other 21700 batteries: protected, non-protected, button top, or flat top. Just a little loose on the flat top.

I have the T1 and I was going to buy the T2… until I saw that propietary cell

Thanks for showing them to us! nice pictures

Nice pictures! Looks very compact compared to the S2

I don’t see the need for a proprietary cell to work with the USB charging since there isn’t a tail switch, their TC15 uses the exact same setup and works with regular batteries.

I agree, the Olight does that to allow for their unique magnetic charger built into the base. Know this, most 21700 button top batteries can be used if turned upside down in these Olight’s, you just can’t then charge those batteries in the flashlight. That can be an issue since these protected cell will not fit in many chargers. I only have 1 charger that a 21700 protected battery will fit in. That is a Hohm Tech School charger, which was one of the cheapest 4 bay chargers I ever bought. Other than the ability to put those longer batteries in it, it is about as basic as a battery charger gets. My much more advanced Xtar and Nitecore chargers have much more features, but for some unknown reason would not add the extra 5mm length to the charger battery bay…why?

Updated. After testing we have a good news. See #2.
The T2 still works fine with the other 21700 batteries. It can even charge with other button top. Flat top too loose but still works on and off . :smiley:

Yes in spite of how badly that Olight might want me to buy their 27 dollar modified battery as a spare…nope, it is not happening…not when a protected 5000mah battery is 12 bucks at Orbtronic. 15 bucks to run a wire to a thin washer with an insulator to separate it from the positive post is ridiculous. While in use it gets the negative from the large contact point on the negative side of the battery. The negative on the positive side is for charging only, and would not carry the amps the light draws during use. Just carry your seeker 2 pro and some of those orbtronic protected batteries, and save the extra 15 bucks. Nice try Olight.

Nice photos, good info on the battery.
Sarge, have you actually made up a battery like you describe?
Just curious. No way I’d pay for an extra Olight batt.
Unless I was doing something that I needed the mag charger all the time.
All the Best,

By the way….never use a battery that is a little loose…or on and off…that will cause arcing that over time will degrade the contact point and it causes heat at the arc like a tiny welder. The battery needs strong clean contact points.

No…it is not worth the trouble to modify a battery just so it can be charged by the magnetic charger unless the one that came with the light went bad, It would not be hard to do though, especially if I have a bad olight battery to take the washer and insulator off of. I have a charger that can charge the protected orbtronic battery. If I am out somewhere I would just remove the olight battery, put in the orbtronic battery until I got home or wherever the olight charger was. I would then put back in the olight battery to charge while charging the orbtronic battery in 4 bay HOHM Tech School charger. That charger actually cost less than the 15 bucks saved on a battery. I have 4 of them I bought on sale, but never figured to use them much due to having much nicer chargers. Then I ran into protected 21700 batteries that will not fit in my Xtar and Nitecore chargers, but fits well in the Hohm Tech charger. Sure glad I bought them on a whim. I include a link, but the charger is now 17.99, unless you buy 4 for 12 dollars each. I think I gave less than 10.

Found a link where it is 10.41….https://www.vapesix.com/products/hohm-tech-hohm-school-4a-charger

One other note…Olight actually makes a battery charger that has 2 magnetic disks and auto detects the polarity. That can be used to charge any battery except the Olight modified battery that has a positive and negative on the same side due to possible short. Crazy huh, it will charge all the batteries except their own Frankenstein modified battery. In truth you could if you have a thin insulator or electrical tape to cover the negative washer on that side completely. In case you are wondering, I am a former electrician/mechanic troubleshooter at a tire factory. That is why I knew the little wires that contact that washer could not carry the current the flashlight carries. There is a sizable negative battery post on the head side of the light. The positive is carried through the casing of the light, which is opposite most lights.

Dang that’s crazy. Thank you for the breakdown.

Olight is like the Apple of flashlights. They make good products but always comes with monopoly and proprietary stuffs.

They may want to be, but fortunately some of us have enough electrical knowledge to know that their proprietary battery is not the only safe alternative…just don’t expect them to tell you that. It might have not even really been intentional, because to make the magnetic charger function, they had to have the negative and positive on the same side. They did not have to charge you 15 bucks more for their battery though, when literally the only difference between that protected battery and the orbtronic protected battery is a washer, an insulator, and a little solder. I can’t prove it but I suspect it is a samsung 50E2 under the wraps of both. I prefer the Samsung 40T due to it’s higher current rating, but the pcb would cut out at about 10-12 amps anyway. Neither Olight nor Orbtronic actually produce batteries, and neither does Efest. Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Molicel, Toshiba, and a few other Chinese manufacturers do, and others just rewrap them with their name on them. It could be a 40T under the wraps as well, because those re-wraps are very bad about exaggerating their Mah and current rating claims. I don’t get too upset over exaggerated mah claims, but current rating exaggerations are dangerous. I generally just buy from trusted vendors like IMRbatteries, or 18650Batterystore or orbtronics. Orbtronics will add a protection PCB to high quality batteries like the 21700. Others don’t see enough of those sold to do so, mainly because they will fit in very few chargers.

Look at those run time curves. It’s the most efficient light I’ve ever seen.

Yes. The turbo and high mode run insanely stable, almost flat out over 1600 for more than 1 hour which is so rare to see. My only problem (not really) is the spacing and missing of ramping mode. The Thrunite T1 has a great ramping mode.

The T1 has ramping mode but I don’t like how it doesn’t stop when it hits the top of ramp or bottom of ramp, it just cycles up and down. I find it kind of hard to control.

This T2 is unbelievable that it can sustain 1,600 lumens for its tiny size. That is brighter than turbo modes on most other lights of its size. My only gripe is the greenish tint on the emitter. I wonder why Thrunite didn’t offer a 20% coupon like they normally do for new releases.

I wonder if that modified battery would work in the Olight M2R pro Warrior. I bet it would…seems to be modified the same way. I know that the Seeker 2 pro, and S2R Batton II both can use unmodified protected button top batteries. The M2R pro Warrior must have the modified batteries to run.

Regarding proprietary cells. Their purpose is to minimize danger and legal liability.

Selling products which use and charge bare 18650s (and similar) makes companies with a Western presence very uncomfortable. If you are selling these (or involved in the design) and you are not uncomfortable then you are stupid.

Olight favour an internal charger because you don’t really want “Joe Average” removing and inserting the cell regularly. They also cannot risk the user putting random low-quality cells into the flashlight - hence it will not charge a standard cell. If a random cell exploded while charging in an Olight, they would be dragged into the lawsuit, no matter that it was not their cell.

In case you guys don’t know - Olight were involved in the Caleb Joyner lawsuit. The man who was killed by an exploding flashlight. It was an Olight T20.

I’m not a difficult man. I want them all :smiley: