☑ New TipSS . coupons sent. ACTIVE AGAIN for requests. 20,99

24 October.

Is active.


Arrived my first TIPSS 29 sept, Glacier.

Is people is interested I can ask again for the same price.


24, Sept.

Thanks all for participate in round 1 and 2 of this.

Best Regards


Active. information for unbeatable ...


Like you this? Ask here for know interesting "news" for bought it.

I need at least 15 interested guys in this new list...

I need know if there some interest, please, sign here if you are interested, there are availables the 3 finish options:

  • Jet Black PVD Titanium coated)
  • Tropical (PVD Titanium coated)
  • Glacier (mirror polish)

This is not a new model, there not will be surprises, the manufacturer have launch previously various versions, not doubt about this will be a reliable flashlight.

My information about this (I have make a complete review of 2017 model in aluminium, the interface and extras like the clip are the same):

Stainless steel, 3 finishes: Jet black&Tropical(PVD Titanium coated) /Glacier(mirror polish)
- XP-G2, for 360 lum. in Turbo
- Reflector OP
- Perfect Modes distribution: 1/35/150/360 lum.
- Perfect User interface: direct acces Turbo, direct access Low. Momentary for Turbo and Low. Two options for interface "daily and constant mode"
- 2 side Switch for easy control
- Battery level indication
- Multifunction clip: as clip, as cover for dust protect the charging port, as cover for switch for prevent accidentally activation
- Rechargeable by MicroUSB port
- Battery 500 mA

- NonPWM

"Probably perfect Urban EDC light" (for not intense use, of course)


Price is not yet available, but you know...will be the best possible.

Second List:

  1. lionheart_2281
  2. pc_light
  3. leroycp
  4. neex
  5. Magnificus
  6. jamaya
  7. Asue
  8. weklund
  9. weklund
  10. I_SpY


  1. .
  2. .
  3. .
  4. .


One Tropical for me, if the price is right.

No Nichia version this time around?

Depends on the price and if Nichia version is available. Tropical please,

Hi guys;
I am not sure if in the future Nitecore will launch nichia for this version, at the moment for the first launch, they talk only about XP-G2.
I know there are many fans of nichia (I am one of them), but for this model (I have the 2016 version), the output difference is enormous, the XP-G2 is impressive on this light, the nichia….in aceptable.

I keep you informed about this, but at this moment, this is only for XP-G2.

Is the XP-G2 6500k?

Interested for one Glacier!

The only information provided by manufacturer is “XP-G2 S3”, I can not comment other information.
Nitecore in his aluminium 2017 version use also XP-G2 S3, I can supose will be the same….
Here some information about the aluminium version:
2017 aluminium version Nitecore TIP review

Put me down for one Glacier please

I’m interested, depending on price of course; I’d probably go for a Tropical finish.

Two Glacier Please … :slight_smile:

Interested for Tropical and Glacier!

Hi Trevi :wink:

Im interested in Jetblack, Tropical y Glacier, But depending on price.

I wouldn’t mind the glacier version depending on price

For reference 1.

I’m in for One (Glacier)

Interested for Tropical and Glacier! Thanks.

I am interested depending on the price.

I am interested for one Glacier, depending on final price because one seller went crazy with shipping fees