New TK35 look a like at Tmart

UniqueFire UF-F10

I’d say it looks like one…the only thing different is the words on the side, or so it appears. Anyone want to be the guinea pig?

I've been eyeing this one for a few weeks now. The price is fantastic but I just haven't had the $$ after buying a few other lights recently. If things work out I may be a guinea pig.

Did you see the price on the Z8 $13.99 Great price!!!

For a Z8? Cooooooool

“This torch uses of a 10W Xenon bulb, producing very bright beam of light”

LOL! I saw that too.

I paid $35 for the one from KD , and I love it , 4 modes no funky stuff , worth every penny …

Nice. It come with the new fancy schmancy xenonML-T6 emitter.

Very cheap price makes me leary though… :~

£16.33 o_O that’s damm cheap.

I like that format for bigger lights - for that price I ordered one, even though I already have a TK35 and a modded clone (TheKlone35).

I’ll post a little review when it arrives.

Quite a bit cheaper……believe DX it’s something like 33 bucks USD.

Comes in 3 colours even…

I wish they'd make a clone that's (2) 18650's in parallel. (I know it can be modded that way, but that's a lot of work.)


The Small Sun ZY-T08 is on my wish list…

Do we know yet if this Small Sun is for sure parallel? Anyone receive it?


When I look at the head in the images, I can’t imagine how this could be serial. I’m pretty sure.

Which? The Small Sun, this T-Mart UniqueFire?


That sort of head can be in serial. The clone TK35 has that kind of head “terminals”. But the clone TK35 has a battery holder doing the “conversion”, which the Small Sun does seem to have. So yes, my guess is that it’s in parallel.

I have the Small Sun ZY-T92 and it is serial.

Ok to be clearer, it seems that the Clone TK35 is also known as the Small Sun ZY-T92. That is serial. There are many copies which are just “unlabelled”.

The ZY-T08 seems to be parallel……this is a copy of the Ultrafire UF-T60 which is the first version to hit the market.