New to forum, looking for modding advice for a Cyclops searchlight

Hi guys! I’m Phil from the UK and this is my first post after using these forums for research purposes for some time.

Way back when I bought myself a cyclops searghlight with a massive 250 lumens!! it served me well for hunting, camping and other outdoor activities at night. Since then I’ve made flashlight purchases from well known brands that are 4X brighter and a fraction of the size, so my Cyclops sits in the car waiting for an emergency (which it has seen).
Now I’d like to bring this old friend into 2015 by giving it a single LED and large reflector.

Now, confession time, I’ve always liked torches even as a kid, but only in the last year have I really been bitten by the bug. As such I have very limited knowledge on their inner workings and electronic circuitry (but I’m learning!), so that’s why I’m posting here hoping I can get some more experienced advice from you guys as to what I need to purchase for my project.

Included are some pictures of the flashlight in question, any additional information, just ask and I’ll try to answer.

Facts in the torch:

The flashlight uses 6xAA 1.5v cells
The reflector housing is 63mm wide by 55mm deep
There is a feature that allows the use of 6x green LEDs (not bothered about keeping this feature)
There are three traffic light LEDs on top that allow you to see battery life while the flashlight in on (I would like to keep this feature)

Possible reflectors found:…265253672.html <<<< This reflector seems to have two angles inside, not sure if this would increase flood (not what I’m looking for)

404 page <<<< deeper reflector may require slight modding to fit

With regards to what LED, I’m open to suggestions. I’m really not sure if this is a regulated flashlight or direct drive so I’m not sure if I need to purchase a driver and emitter or just emitter (told you I haven’t a clue!)

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,