New to this - have some questions


Looking for some help.
I just purchased these things from manafont,
along with some batteries from supersport600.
I was looking at the xml-u2 drop-in running at 3amps on high to get the high output in short bursts.
After testing it with the multimeter i am only getting around 1.25 AMPs when checking it at the tail cap.
Also the switch isnt working right and is getting stuck. when i use it with the switch the flashlight flickers and doesnt select modes correctly.
i looked at the switch and it says it is a 1.5A, 250V switch. Will this be an issue running at 3amp on high if i replace it with a similar switch.

Also, IIRC i can get a 3amp driver to get more lumens out of the led.
Also, this is the switch to replace it with?

Cheers, Michael

The dropin you bought should certainly draw more than 3 amps, according to other users. The only unknown here is the cells you bought.

As far as the switch I could not tell you what is the right one

Batteries were bought from here.

I purchased the XM-L t6 from manafont which draws 3A, so not sure why this isnt drawing the same.

The outer spring connects the pill electrically to the negative post of the cell through the body of the light. If the host does not have a bare metal place for the outer spring to connect, you will have a poor path and could explain your problems. I am assuming that the cells are fully charged.