New UltraFire WF-501B @KD outlandish lumen claims and new bin

Well what do you make of this thing? The UltraFire WF-501B at DX claims 800 lumens of output. Sounds a bit extravagent to me. And what's the scoop on the "M" bin type?

The M bin for the MC-E is the current brightest at 430-490 lumens out of 350mA. Probably 800 lumens is credible if the thing can lose enough heat - not something the P60 layout is good for - and if the driver can really sustain 2A into the LED. 2.8A is the maximum current it can handle. Driven at that, 1000 lumens might be possible with a good enough driver and a big enough heatsink. Considerably more than you could ever want to know about these LEDs is to be found here.

Thanks for the info! That looks like a very good price to me if it really comes close to that output.

It probably will for a while, then drop back to around 400 lumens. Still enough to stun armadillos at some considerable distance.


I would get it just for the It is a nice light but the claimed lumens on a small head like that will kill the emitter i would think.

Just ordered one - probably my last new light for a while. Will report once they get around to sending it to me.

I suspect it won't be any brighter than the KD MC-E dropin I already have but the meters will tell the story. Heatsinking is the real issue with such things - a lot of tinfoil and some heatsink goo should sort this out. The KD MC-E dropin I have once heatsinked properly does warm up the light quite considerably. Better that than cooking itself though.

I may have to get one and swap the emitter/driver with my C8 when i get it. Though I will have to wait awhile still have my 6v latern to 5 mode Q5 project to start when the emitter gets here :)

Why not just get yourself an emitter. $16 from DX Cree XLamp MC-E K0-WG 370~700-Lumen LED Emitter on 20mm Star Board (MCE-WG-K0)

For another $4 I get another 501b spare parts ect. :)

If it works for you... I notice you also get an alleged M bin instead of a K bin so it might be a bit brighter depending on the driver.

Even Better :) Will be awhile B4 I do it though. Too many domestic things to do...