New Varapower lights

Absolutely not budget lights, but very, very nice.

An XM-L driven hard on a huge copper heatsink. 2 or 3C versions.

Just look at the throw numbers! (Page 2 of the thread)

Can't afford one, but want one.

No prices on his website for these new ones. You have the Varapower 2000 right Don? Are these new ones brighter than that? How will the SST-90 do once he gets the emitters in?

Just wish i could buy the vara control unit :slight_smile:

That's a good looking unit...Lambda does very nice work.

I believe he's putting up details at the weekend.

I have a prototype of the VP2000 - but the new lights he's built are XM-L or SST-50 so won't be as bright as an SST-90. They will be very bright though.

He did say that the C sized ones are a pig to build - the controller has to be assembled inside the light.

There are brighter SST-90 bins now available so they ought to be brighter - and throwier with the MagLED reflector than mine is.

How many O.T.F. lumens does your light produce?

A little over 1550 lumens with freshly charged cells.

Thanks again Don. The 3C varapower XML looks very interesting and compact considering what you get. Im still waiting for pricing to post but will probably grab one.