New Walmart Lights with XM-L2...

Was just out and about at Wallyworld and found a crazily disorganized flashlight section with XM-L2 lights, plus the ones we already know about…

The 700 lumen one is a zoomie and some of the big-headed ones are only about 53 mm and have red and green little LED lights taking up part of that space. The long-throwing one is like the cheaper Ozark Trail model. Says 483 ANSI meters. So not very impressive for sure, but someone might take an interest.

For Ozark Trail, no thanks.
Looks like the up to 750lm one.

Yeah, all high-priced and not worth it when one knows about what is available online. And the quality - like that Ozark Trail stuff - would disappoint.

Did you notice that 1000 lumen Bushnell light on the bottom? It has an XM-L2 led in it.

Doesn’t utilize that big reflector, though. The design is sure sweet looking.

I've noticed that other stores are now carrying similar lights and most all of them are in the $40-$50 range and higher. I think that is the new standard and I blame Maglite for that. When they went with led lights, they jumped the price way high, to make a much bigger profit and it paved the way for all these junky $50 light I am seeing all over. Once that takes hold and becomes the norm, I will not be surprised when all the Chinese lights start going way up in price. I think that is where it is headed and I think multiple AA will again be king, as more and more pressure is placed on anything with lithium in the chemical makeup.

This may not be the best place to post this. But I was at Home Depot two days ago. Noticed defiant 3D has xml2. Price is like$30.
Just want to share this. Maybe someone is interested.

I have the Bushnell TRKR500L x4 AA. I wish it had a bigger reflector with low/med/hi instead of the red and blue leds but it is a robust light for what it is. Dropped it multiple times by accident on concrete and it still works fine. Throw is decent. Spill if pretty good. No regrets here.

I think these retailers are trying to stay relevant. They are starting to realize that they are losing out on large sums of money going directly to china. With prices like that they will continue to lose out.

No doubt these lights are still made in China though.

I don’t think these lights are aimed at those who read BLF or CPF. These are for non-hardcore flashaholics who go to, say, a Bass Pro or Gander Mountain and see a light similar to the Ozark Trail with a well known, name brand on it (brand known for quality and is not a Chinese clone) priced almost twice as much (I can vouch that GM has one that looks very similar to the $70 Ozark Trail, I was just there this past weekend), so they see what looks to be an equivalent flashlight at Walmart for 1/2 the price and they think they’re getting a deal. Because they don’t read these forums or don’t know BLF exists, they don’t know that they can probably get the Walmart light even cheaper direct from a Chinese supplier.