New XM-L 2 x AA flashlight at SB

Anyone else notice this?

Shiningbeam lights have never disappointed me...

I noticed this one when I was checking out the new Romisen. Something to be said about a small ans XM-L light, that should still give you more runtime than a Xeno. But not as bright...also has a 7 Lumens mode.****NEW****-ShiningBeam-Caveman-Cree/Detail

Caveman.... gotta love the name.

Thats a really nice light. The 2AA format is my favorite. Pretty expensive though.

I think the "caveman" name refers more to its use in spelunking, not so much the Geico character...

Langcjl, yeah, all the SB lights are a tad above budget, but they are still a lot better than buying Surefire, Streamlight, etc. Still not too bad for a quality XM-L with regulated current and square cut threads.

Looks similar the quark but a little heavier.

Quark AA2 Turbo

  • Length: 157.5mm x 30mm x 21.8mm
  • Weight: 89g

Shiningbeam Caveman

  • Dimensions: 158 mm x 30mm x 24mm
  • Weight: 117g

I have been wanting a SB Caveman from the first time I saw it. Bryan says it's his second professional quality light. The other being the Blaze. If the Caveman has the build and quality of the Blaze, it will be well worth the money.

I have a friend who is ordering a few lights and wants only AA lights. I convinced him to order a Caveman yesterday. I can't wait until he gets it.

He is going to order a Fenix TK41 and a Zebralight H51. These three will cover many bases for him and all use the same AA NiMh batteries.

Looks like my kinda light, so I ordered it. Nice thing about SB, it will probably be here by Friday.

Out of the couple of dozen lights I have purchased from them , only two have malfunctioned , an ITP A3 and an ITP A2 .

And Shiningbeam replaced both of them for free .

Definitely looks like a nice light.

Not so expensive, IMO. XM-L with good tint, perfect regulation, no disco modes, HAIII, clip, holster, spare stuff, 1 year warranty... It's quite expensive if you live outside/Europe and so on (free shipping conus, or am I wrong?)

why all the underdriven lights?

Likely to allow for decent runtime on alkaleaks.

They don't push their lights hard, but seem to set them up more for long-term reliability and good battery life. Which is what I want in an AA light. Not looking to use it as a thrower.

Funny, but the light I use most often is a Jetbeam BC10 (single AA), and I always use it on Low. It's my indoor, find stuff in drawers without waking up the family, light.

Nice torch but I'd still take a quark x aa2 over this one anyday (with the usual discount code/additional discount with black friday etc) which will bring the cost to about same as this flashlight.

Mind if I ask you why you would take the Quark X AA2 over this one anyday? I have a Quark AA2 Tactical and I don't think it's anything special at all. Fact is I prefer my Jetbeam BA20 and Klarus P2A over the Quark.

Ok did some googling up and ended up with a post on cpf about comparison between ba20,p2a and x aa2 that you made. Reading it up :) I wont direct link as I am unsure if it is allowed here. Cheers.

EDIT: you had a quark aa2 and not the X model. The X model puts out more light and has a more floody beam which I prefer :)

EDIT2: Just noticed my first posting didnot get updated. I prefer the quark as it has more bells and whistles for eg moonlight, and the more floody with decent throw beam is nice. Not that I own one, but from reviews, this is the impression you get. :)

I have stated in other posts that I do like the extra modes that the Quark offers and that it seems to have a high quality build.

Here are some things that I have noticed since I bought these AA lights. I almost never or never have used any of these extra modes on the Quark. That doesn't mean that it's not nice to have them if they are needed but I really haven't needed them. As far as the Firefly mode, I really don't see myself ever using it. My aging eyes just need more light than that. I know some folks really like the firefly mode. I keep the Quark set with the medium mode as the secondary mode and it's very similar to the low mode on the Klarus/Jetbeam.

I think the Caveman has an advantage in this category. You can choose from 8 lumens to 290 lumens.

I don't know about the quality of the Caveman but Bryan says it's his second professional light. If it has the same build quality that the Blaze has, I would stack it up against any other higher quality lights in it's category. IMO, my Blaze is higher build quality and feels much more sturdy than my other lights including my Olight M3X, Olight M20s and Fenix TK41.

One more thing I would like to say. When I wrote that review, all the lights were fairly new to me. I have now had some time to get used to them and form a better opinion. I would bet that most of us here who have multiple lights fall in love with our new lights when we first get them. After some time, we start to gravitate towards the ones we like the best and we use these lights more and others become shelf Queens.

Some of the lights that I really liked when I got them but now sit on the shelf almost all the time are these. Xeno E03, iTP C7, iTP H01, and my Quark AA2 Tactical. Doesn't mean that they are not good lights, it just means I have others that I reach for first that will do what I need at that time.

The ones that I reach for the most are my Fenix TK41, Shiningbeam Blaze and S-mini, Klarus P2A, Zebralight H51 and my Olight M3X. My iTP A3 E0S is always in my shirt pocket and I use it everyday when I just need a quick look at something.

Man you have a heck of a lot of non budget flashlights :) The TK41 is one I would love to own just for the WOW factor :)

The TK41 does it all. Covers the most bases. Only thing that it won't do is fit in a small pocket or on a clip. Save up a little and get one. You won't be disappointed.

List on the Quark with XM-L is $69 compared to $43 on the Caveman, a pretty substantial difference. And based on the photos, it looks to me like they both come off the same production line.